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Enliven Your Home Office with these Gorgeous Colorful Workstations Ideas

The home office is a room that has gained plenty of prominence in the last two decades. Once a rarity, today, pretty much every homeowner wants a dedicated office space at home or at least a home workstation that allows them to bring home a few hours of work. A large reason for this is technology that has made working from the convenience of your residence that much more possible and comfortable. Of course, just like with every other space, even in case of the home office we are looking to go beyond just the basics and want to improve it constantly both aesthetically and functionally. Today, we focus on the former aspect with colorful workstations that make an impact.

Dashing red and blue built-in workstation for the contemporary home office [From: The Design House Company]

Colorful work stations and work spaces are not for everyone. They make an instant visual impact and also give the home office a personality that is different from the more modern backdrop of other rooms in your house. Be it a dashing backdrop that has been crafted using bright, colorful paint or just décor that brings in ample color, this is a look at the most beautiful workstations filled with colorful zest –

Colorful Décor Makes an Impact

The easiest and most inexpensive way to add color to the home workspace is by moving out the old, duller furniture with brighter décor that is eye-catching and unique. It is the style here that gets a bit tricky with all the pops of bright color all around. It is safe to use just two or three bright colors and to focus on repeating them throughout the room in a sporadic fashion. A work desk in hot pink or fuchsia, or one in bright yellow is currently a trendy choice and it is amazing how these drastically contrasting colors work so beautifully when put in a shabby chic, industrial or eclectic home office. Do try out the look this spring!

Pink desk for the home office with modern eclectic style and yellow wallpapered backdrop
Stunningly gorgeous home office with brick walls combines yellow, pink and eclectic dazzle
Attic home office with a striking green accent walls and brilliant pops of yellow and pink all around! [From: Hunkydory Home]
Eclectic mix of fabulous yellow desk and bright orange table lamp inside modern New York home office [From: Rikki Snyder]

Take Inspiration from Kids’ Rooms

There are lots of things that kids; can teach us and this is true in case of bright, colorful home interiors as well. Kids’ workstations are intrinsically colorful and you will often find a wide range of hues in here from reds and blues to orange and gold. While you might not exactly replicate the same design in the adult home office or workstation in the bedroom corner, the color combinations definitely offer plenty of inspiration. Ideas like the Yankees-themed workstation below are great for sports fans cutting across ages and look classy as well.

Colorful version of city skyline makes an impact in this kids’ room
Awesome blue home workstation built for a teen Yankees fan! [From: TRG Architecture + Interior Design]

A Backdrop in Color

This is an idea that is probably the most cost-effective of all that we have showcased today and one that can be implemented pretty much anywhere. The corner workstation in the bedroom, living area, kitchen or even the hallway is a common element in space-savvy homes and a bold, colorful backdrop to this section gives it an identity of its own. This idea feels even more apt in the open plan living area with a modern, neutral backdrop where all you find are white and gray no matter where you look. A Chair in matching color and a few floating shelve are all you need to complete this picture-perfect workstation.

It is hard to miss the bright orange work station in this breakfast room
It is the color that sets this home workstation apart from the neutral living area around it [From: Bennett Leifer Interiors]
Exquisite orange home office feels refreshing and contemporary with a touch of quirkiness [From: Kropat Interior Design]
Eye-catching blend of brilliant blue and hot pink create a fabulous corner workstation in he dining room

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