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Colorful, Creative and a Touch Eccentric: Décor Finds that Make a Statement!

In the times of a global pandemic when most of us are spending an inordinate amount of time indoors, things can get pretty monotonous at times. The usual decorating styles and themes can also get boring fast and you are looking for ways in which we can make the interior (and our life itself) far more exciting. It is in this effort that we have started our search for more colorful, bright and even eccentric furniture pieces that usher in color, pattern and a splash of excitement. Some are all about vivacious pattern while others bring an air of luxury with their innovative design and sparkling finish. No matter what you prefer, you will absolutely love these dashing pieces!

A Dresser that feels more like a brilliant work of art

We want our colorful pieces to be drastically different from the usual lineup of bright red sofas and lovely blue club chairs that are bright and attractive themselves. This is a selection of furniture pieces that is a bit bolder and far more eye-catching. Some usher home the charm of graffiti while others are inspired by jewel-styled dazzle that feels just unreal. All of them promise to be the showstoppers of your home as you aim to give it that ‘it’ factor –

Street Art Comes Alive

We start the cheerful roundup with the fabulous Street Art Project by Ariel Design that contains a series of home décor under the name ‘Street Capture’. The collection is just dramatic and engaging on all levels and delivers exactly what its name promises. It brings graffiti to your interior and does so in an unmistakable and striking manner. You have everything ranging from polygon-shaped tables and sideboards to coffee tables that feel like a jigsaw and storage benches that are just captivating. We love every single piece in this innovative collection that makes a real visual statement.

Four different pieces combine to form the Street Capture Coffee Table
Perfect bench for those who love graffiti and a whole lot of color
Street Capture Coffee Table is a work of art that is perfect for any living space
Street Capture Dresser is probably the most iconic of all the pieces from this colorful collection
Stylish Street Capture Table brings both pattern and geometric contrast to the modern interior
Drawers that are a part of the exciting Street Art Project by Ariel Design
Exquisite, unique and eye-catching Street Capture Collection of Furniture

Adjustable Coffee Table

We understand if you are having a bit of a hard time getting past the sheer artistic brilliance of the Street Art Project and taking a look at something else. But the Gira Table from Craft Modern is equally charming in its own modern-industrial way and its modular design makes it perfect for any home. We noticed a sort of industrial-eclectic style with the table base that is mixed with a look and feel that reminds us of playing with LEGO blocks. You can custom order a table between 6 inches in height to 24 inches in height and its two-piece base also comes in a wide range of hues throwing open endless possible combinations.

Bright and snazzy table has an edgy industrial appeal about it
Colorful and imaginative Gira Coffee Table with an adjustable design
Create a custom coffee table with color and industrial vibe

Storage with Pixel and Diamond Emerald

IF you are looking for visually stunning sideboards and cabinets that are both opulent and exclusive, then Boca Do Lobo deliver on every single level with the Diamond Emerald Sideboard and the Pixel Cabinet. The Diamond Emerald with its highly sculptured doors and a glossy green finish feels almost Victorian at times while the Pixel goes a level better with its 1088 handmade leaf gilding triangles creating an upper level that is unlike anything else! It is hard to find furniture pieces more ‘eccentric and dazzling’ than these two.

Handmade leaf gilding triangles an polished brass base create a fabulous limited edition cabinet
Upper part of the iconic Pixel cabinet is made of 1088 triangles
Closer look at the fabulous Diamond Emerald sideboard
Diamond Emerald sideboard with its iconic design in green has an edgy minimal vibe

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