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A World of Green: Cheerful São Paulo Residence with Vibrant Pops of Color

Translucent glass panels are pretty underrated when it comes to home design, and barring a few kitchen cabinets and shower doors, you do not really see them being used extensively. But the extravagant and vivacious AA House by Pascali Semerdjian Architects in Sao Paulo, Brazil puts glass panels to perfect use, as translucent partitions, simple glass dividers and wooden slats combine to offer the best of privacy and unabated connectivity with the landscape. In fact, rigid walls are kept to an absolute minimum here, giving the dwelling a relaxing ‘holiday resort-inspired’ vibe.

AA House in São Paulo, Brazil

With the interior and the garden and pool deck outside flowing into one another almost seamlessly, the greenery outside becomes an integral part of the living area indoors. Gorgeously crafted garden stretches add to an already energetic living room that is filled with a bright blue couch, orange and green chairs and a large sofa that provides ample sitting space. Even the open glass shelves in different colors accentuate this appeal of playful contemporary panache that is carried through into the dining space and the kitchen.

Beautiful private residence in São Paulo, Brazil connected with the natural greenery around it

Bright and colorful furniture bring the interior of the Brazilian home alive

Plush and colorful couch in navy blue for the vivacious living space of AA House

Decor in the living room with modern style and a hint of bold color

Pops of red, blue and green enliven the living space with glass panes

Multi-colored glass shelves for the living room

Glass panes in the backdrop bring the outdoor inside with ease

Wooden slats and partitions shape the interior of the home

Curved false ceiling design demarcates the dining space in the open floor plan

Dining room and living area of modern Brazilian home

Since we are in Brazil, there is absolutely no escaping the strong influence of ‘life on the beach’, with curated artwork and fascinating photo collages making their presence felt in the bedroom and dining area. Apart from the custom-crafted furniture and design solutions, it is the smart usage of sliding glass walls that ensures each individual room inside the home feels both unique and connected with the rest of the house. Exquisite, exclusive and filled with green goodness at every turn, this is a refreshing Brazilian home that puts a smile on your face. [Photography: Ricardo Bassetti]

Open and inviting sitting room of AA House

Fabulous picture collage steals the show here

Spacious bedroom with workspace in the corner

Beach-themed photographs set the mood in the bedroom of the Brazilian home

Guest bedroom with multiple beds

Luxurious contemporary bathroom with transluscent glass panes

Sliding transluscent glass doors bring in natural light into the bathroom

Sculptural sink and custom toilet for the contemporary bathroom inside AA House

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