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Color Trends for Spring 2021: 20 Gorgeous Ideas Showcasing Season’s Hottest Hues

Spring and summer are all about cheerful zest, warmth in the air and plenty of color all around. It is a time when you move away from the white and monochromatic sheen of summer and it is a time that feels absolutely liberating. With a change in season, you also have a change in color scheme and new ideas flood the interior design world. While decorating and design trends are always welcome, we really love the idea of playing with colors of the season. And as always, the spring of 2021 ushers in its own set of amazing hues that promise to alter he world we live in!

Modern home office combines the beauty of pastels with the charm of green [From: Rufty Custom Built Homes and Remodeling]

Hottest colors of spring this year bring along with them a brilliant blend of bold colors that would enliven pretty much any home. Each of the color offers something different and the wide range of these hues ensures that no matter what the style of and size of the room is, there is always one to choose from. Read on to discover which colors you should try in your home as you head into March of 2021 –

A Year for Green

One color that is slowly but surely dominating the home design spectrum this season is green at its vibrant and relaxing best. A color that brings nature indoors, green can be used in different rooms of the house with ease. Styles like modern, traditional, Mediterranean and farmhouse feel at ease even with darker shades of green. And you can always turn to more vivacious styles like tropical and eclectic as you give your home a really green upgrade this spring.

Dashing dark green cabinets combined with white marble in small contemporary kitchen [From: Zarkua Anastasia]
Gorgeous light green cabinets for the modern Paris bedroom bring color and contrast [From: Oïkos Architectes]
Tiles in green for the contemporary bathroom with white vanity and smart lighting
Contemporary bedroom in deep green with white accents feels refreshing and urbane

Teal to Replace Blue

Blue is always a popular color in home decorating; especially when it come so brighter, warmer seasons of the year. But this year, move away from the more mundane shades of blue and try out the deeper and exquisite shades of teal instead. For those who wish to embrace the hot trends might like to know that Aegean Teal is Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year; making it a fashionable choice. Serene, sophisticated and adaptable, teal in its many variants is just perfect for the urbane modern home.

Gorgeous modern teal bathroom feels absolutely picture-perfect
Sofas, rug and other accents add shades of deep blue and teal to the spacious modern living room
Teal is a color that promises to make a huge impact in 2021 [From: Benjamin Moore]
Different shades of teal make an impact in this spacious modern living room [From: Viscusi Elson Interior Design]
Find a shade of teal with bluish dominance that you love for the kitchen island

Pastel Power makes an Impact

Whenever spring arrives, we see a spurt of floral patterns and shabby-chic-styled décor in homes across the globe. This year is no different and at the heart of this trend is the brilliant array of pastel hues that blend freshness with a sense of serenity. Pastel blues and greens are always the most popular in this lot of colors. But do not forget the beauty of pastel pink and think about using it in spaces beyond the girls’ bedroom.

Pattern, pastel colors and an overall bright visual appeal shape a welcoming beach style living room
Polished modern Scandinavian home office in warm pastel pink
Bathtub in pastel blue for the modern Victorian bathroom [From: Austin Patterson Disston Architects]
Large and lavish tropical style bedroom with an accent pastel pink wall [From: Lori Hamilton Photography]
Mint green drapes bring cheerful spring and summer vibe to this modern living space

Pleasing Yellow Pomp!

Whether you want a neutral, sun-kissed interior or one where yellow takes over the backdrop in a more extensive manner, this is a color that is bound to steal the spotlight in any room it adorns. But spring / summer of 2021 is a time for mellow, more relaxing shades of yellow instead of its bolder and brighter versions. Light yellow, pastel yellow and shades like Crayola are just perfect for creating a welcoming and comfy backdrop in the room. Yellow makes a big impact even as just an accent color; making it a color you can easily switch in and switch out with changing seasons.

Mellow yellow accent wall for the contemporary entry with space for boots and hats!
Use accent chairs and decor to usher in a bit of yellow into the modern home
Yellow wallpaper with nature-inspired pattern brings vivacious beauty to this bathroom
Cabinets in beautiful yellow add sparkle and freshness to the modern neutral interior [From: Sheila Mayden Interiors]
Contemporary bedroom in white and yellow with wooden floor

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