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Magical Mountain Views Greet You at this Guest House in Santa Lucia Preserve!

Ever what it would feel like to relax in a relaxing natural abode that is surrounded by beautiful rolling mountains, pristine green canopy and overlooks dense forests in the distance? Bringing this dream escape alive is the gorgeous and delightfully understated Halls Ridge Knoll Guest House designed by Bohlin Cywinski Jackson. Set atop a small hill inside the amazing Santa Lucia Preserve in California, this exquisite guest house is the starting point of a construction that will see a future vacation retreat complete with a private residence and a workshop.

Captivating views of San Clemente Mountains and Los Padres National Forest from the timber deck

It is not the guest house that leaves you mesmerized but the landscape it sits in and the vast expanse of greenery and ancient oak trees which surround it. Of course, the structure itself does a brilliant job of allowing the scenery to shine through even while offering a tranquil getaway that seems bot rustic and modern. Stone, steel and timber shape the structure with the peripheral walls in stone leading towards a simple structure where zinc roofing sits above walls covered in cedar. A large pool deck adds to the aura of this spectacular guest house that allows its residents to escape the mundane and the urbane! [Photography: Nic Lehoux]

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Stone walls welcome you at the beautiful Hall Ridge Knoll Guest House
Stone wall acts as the boundary between the guest house and the untamed landscape
Stone, glass and timber guest house in Santa Lucia Preserve, California
Traditional stone fireplace surrounded by wall with wooden slats
Wooden overhang offers natural shade to those on the deck

The Santa Lucia Preserve is a remarkably beautiful, vast landscape that was previously a historic cattle ranch. The site has a rolling topography, a forest of ancient live oaks and manzanita, and offers panoramic views of the San Clemente Mountains and Los Padres National Forest beyond.

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Timber-framed shed roof of the unassuming guest house
Magical guest house in California surrounded by plenty of greenery
Stunning view of the rolling hills and natural forests around the guest house
Floor plan of Halls Ridge Knoll Guest House in Santa Lucia Preserve

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