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15 Festive DIY Gift Box Ideas for a Personalized Christmas!

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The Holiday Season brings with it plenty of gifts… and then there are the actual gifts themselves! Yes, we know it. Christmas is not just about presents and shopping alone. It is definitely not a time to just run around from one store to another looking for that elusive gift. But we all do it anyway. Then comes the time to wrap it all up and put it under the giant tree so that it all feels picture-perfect. And for some us, this is undoubtedly the part that we most enjoy. Wrapping your Christmas gift feels so very serene, relaxing, and enjoyable. Maybe it is because you know that finally the shopping is all done. Maybe because you can marvel at the DIY Gift Box you just crafted. And once you’ve completed your DIY Gift Box you can choose from this pack of 20 different Holiday Grosgrain Ribbon patterns as the final touch. Happy wrapping!

Create your own gift box this Holiday Season [Image: Baltic Beach Hotel]

This is right; this Holiday Season, it is time to give your presents a homemade box. A festive DIY gift box makes it all more personal and you will see that every member of your family and our friends will love the custom box as much as they cherish the gift inside. Handmade gift boxes also give you greater creative freedom when it comes to ‘saying it just right’. From the audacious to the crafty and from those cool Christmas Eve boxes to DIY boxes that double as holiday décor, here is a look at the 15 best ideas that you can replicate –

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Spread the Festive Cheer

Who says gift boxes are just square and boring! If anyone did, then the easiest way to change their opinion is by introducing then to the absolutely awesome DIY gift boxes that we discovered on Brit+Co. Made basically from kraft gift boxes and colored paper, these gift boxes can easily double as cool Holiday decorative pieces in your home when used right. They take very little crafting skill to create and even your kids can get in on the fun.

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DIY gift boxes that are absolutely perfect for the Holidays!
Let your Holiday Gift Boxes spread the message of joy! [Image: Rainforest Islands Ferry]

A DIY gift box with Season’s greetings or just a cheerful message that wishes folk Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year is a smart and sensible choice. These DIY boxes can also be used for office parties and they also take very little time to make. The DIY Christmas Eve Box feels much more ornate and a lot more fun and you can easily learn how to make one by checking out its video tutorial. Yup, it is time to spread festive cheer in customized, homemade boxes!

DIY Christmas Eve Box
Merry Christmas DIY gift box feels modern and festive

‘Tis the Season to Paint it Red!

Wrapping Christmas gifts and a splattering of festive red go hand-in-hand. No Christmas gift wrap is truly complete without a hint or red (and probably gold) and you can take same principle and create a gorgeous gift box as well. Whether it is a simple and elegant gift box or bag with some cool snowflakes on it or a more extensive Christmas Eve Box that looks both sensational and merry – a dash of red will bring everything alive! Those who prefer a more modern take on all that colorful effervescence can try out the fabulous Color Blocked Gift Box or maybe the chic Christmas gift boxes in red and green that we discovered on Lady Pattern Paper

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A touch of red makes for a fabulous gift box and wrapping come the Holiday season
Bright and festive Christmas DIY gift box
Custom Christmas Eve Gift Box that you can craft at home
Cheerful and festive Christmas DIY Gift Boxes
Beautiful and brilliant color blocked DIY gift boxes

Showcase Your Crafting Skills

DIY gift boxes for Christmas need not be all festive and over the top. You can still tap into your ‘more normal’ DIY reservoir to create a few cool and exquisite gift boxes that will serve you both during the holiday season and well beyond it. The Scrapbook Paper DIY gift box presents a wide array of possibilities for a crafting enthusiast while the simplicity and natural elegance of the 15-minute DIY gift bag is there for everyone to see. Sometimes, a tinge of green is all you ever need!

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Fun DIY Paper Gift Boxes
Old books turned into unique gift boxes!
DIY TP Roll Gift Boxes that are easy to create

Even though we enjoy gift boxes crafted from toilet paper rolls or cardboards and wrapping paper just as much as the next guy, the Vintage Book Gift Box DIY takes the cake for both its uniqueness and the sheer wow factor. Just find an old, used book, dust it off real nice, give it a facelift and get started right away.

15-minute DIY gift bag idea
Homemade scrapbook paper gift bag

With all the inspiration around, we are sure you will come up with your own Christmas-themed DIY Gift Box in no time. Do feel free to share it with us and Happy Holidays!

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