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Guatemala 5760: Buenos Aires Residential Apartment with Flexible Interiors

Life in Palermo, Buenos Aires, is all about maximizing resources without sacrificing privacy and aesthetics. Turning an old building into a modern residential unit with multiples duplexes and a top level triples that has its own private terrace and lovely pool space, KG Arquitectura focused on natural light, creation of cheerful living spaces and plenty of architectural flexibility. It is the lower levels of the building that contain individual apartments along with a two duplex units. Each unit has its own uniqueness with small balconies offering a window into the world outside. Guatemala 5760 feels modern even while cleverly embracing its rugged past.

Large trees bring a small sense of privacy and greenery to the urban dwelling

Décor inside each of the apartments is simple and minimal with multiple seating options in the living area creating a playful and elegant ambiance. The kitchen and laundry in the corner in white has black countertops that create visual contrast. A space-savvy dining area sits between the kitchen and the living area while the lovely little balconies bring ventilation indoors. Wooden flooring and warm wooden accents throughout each home put the final touches on these smart Argentinian homes. [Photography: Albano Garcia]

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Living room with multiple seating options and a view of the canopy outdoors
Refined open plan living area with kitchen in the corner
Modern bedroom in white with wooden flooring and a space-savvy bedside table
Small urban balcony decorating idea
Triplex with its own spacious terrace, common pool and lounge area
Solid wood panels are a feature throughout the apartment building

Wood, working as a material theme throughout KG Arquitectura’s projects, is present both in depth and height. The single parking space in the front of the building is paneled in solid Guayubira wood, accentuating the access. Throughout the building all signs are the same kind of wooden boards with routed lettering.

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Entrance to the renovated apartment building in Buenos Aires
Street facade of the revamped residential building in Buenos Aires
View of the balconies from the street
Common area and entrance of Guatemala 5760

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