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Brazilian Panache Meets Parisian Charm Inside This Chic Modern Apartment

Renovating and decorating an apartment in the fashion and design capital of the world requires plenty of care and attention to detail. This is precisely what we come across at this chic Paris Apartment that was revamped and given a polished new lease on life by Diego Revollo Arquitetura. Sitting on the penultimate floor of a five-level building and not too far away from the renowned Champs-Elysées, this is an apartment that demanded sophistication that was unpretentious and truly French in its nature. With the homeowners hailing from Brazil, there was also a good amount of Brazilian flavor thrown in, creating a unique fusion of what are essentially contrasting design and life philosophies!

Living room of the stylish Paris apartment with curated decor

Part of a building that was built in 1856, some of the neoclassical elements of the original structure have been preserved and enhanced within the lovely apartment. But there is a lot more to this stylish space beyond its historic past, glamorous neighborhood and the view outside the windows. The living space is filled with fashionable accessories and luxurious decor that feels well and truly Parisian. A colorful chair in yellow grabs your attention instantly, even as the media wall with its TV unit and floating wooden shelves and cabinets ends up becoming the showstopper of the space.

Simple gallery wall idea for the modern living room

TV unit and media wall of the living room with floating wooden units

Sleek floor lmap saves space in the living room even while offering flexible lighting

Plush gray couch in the living room of the Paris home

Living room home workstation idea

Closer look at the small dining space of the apartment in Paris

Floating wooden shelves and cabinets for the living room media wall

Floating wooden shelves and cabinets make use of corner in the living room

Home workspace that is simple and elegant

Original artwork finds its place on the walls of the apartment, with smart lighting accentuating architectural features and the gallery wall to perfection. Packing plenty of punch in just 100 square meters, this beautiful home in Paris is as elegant and inviting as the city itself!

Wooden side table with elegant table lamp

Gorgeous chair in yellow for the living room

Large, classic windows bring in ample natural light into the Paris apartment

Ornate original fetaures of the building integrated into its modern makeover

Enlarge the visual space of a room with mirrored walls

Mirrored walls in the dining are agive it a spacious visual appeal

Elegant details and accessories add to the glitter of the revitalized apartment in Paris

Chic decorating ideas that help bring home the Parisian vibe

View of the living room filled with colorful decor and Parisian charm

Modern Paris apartment built originally in 1856 with a retrofit and upgrade

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