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Woodsy Flexibility: Breezy Beachside Family Retreat Down Under

Modern beach homes have come a long way from their humble background, when they were just shabbily made holiday retreats that promised little in terms of luxury. Today a beach house combines contemporary comfort and aesthetics with the alluring charm of waves and sand outside the window in a seamless and mesmerizing fashion. Mount Martha House is one such delightful beachside family escape that seems both inviting and refined, thanks to the striking fusion of locally sourced timber hardwood with modernity by Ola Studio. Overlooking the beautiful coastline of Victoria, this Aussie home seems to float effortlessly above the beach, even as large windows connect it with the view on offer.

Relaxing beach-side family retreat in Victoria, Australia

The extensive use of operable timber shutters was much more than a style choice, as these smart shutters allowed the homeowners to easily switch between complete privacy, unabated ocean views and an intermediate stage that offers a bit of both along with filtered sunlight. They also protect the beach house from rough coastal weather and offer a protective covering for the large glass windows and the interior. On the inside, it is timber that still holds sway, even as the entire house is divided into three distinct zones – the parents’ retreat, the kids’ rooms and the common living area that overlooks the pool and wooden deck.

The ambiance inside the house is modern coastal, with serenity infused into the overall design of each room using neutral hues and wooden warmth. A perfect summer getaway for the entire family! [Photography: Manos Mavridis]

Intimate spaces coupled with open courtyards to create a fabulous family beach retreat

Mount Martha beach home offers unabated views of the ocean and the distant landscape

Large woodend deck and pool of the beach residence with a view of the coastline

Pool deck combines privacy with serene coastal views

Fireplace with stacked wood next to it in th open living area

Living area of the family residence on the bech in Australia

By appropriating the sloped site as such, the building emerges from the landscape to give the appearance that it is effortlessly floating above the ground, allowing the house to engage with the site in both form and materiality. The application of natural Australian timber hardwoods for the external cladding references the colors of the surrounding landscape…

Beach style bedroom with ocean view

Operable timber shutters give the beach retreat flexibility to switch between privacy and ocean views

Floor plan of Mount Martha House in Australia

Side view of the beach house in Victoria

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