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This Smart São Paulo Apartment Intertwines Greenery with Colorful Zest

The use of bright pops of color, a healthy dose of natural greenery and a wide array of finishes can create a unique interior that might end up dividing opinions when it comes to aesthetics. Some find it bold, cheerful, refreshing and enticing, while there could be others who feel that it is all a bit over the top. Irrespective of which side of that fence you sit on, you simply cannot ignore the magnetic aura of Apartment João designed by RSRG Arquitetos. Nestled on João Moura Street, Sao Paulo, this beautiful apartment was renovated to create a distinct and urban setting that is full of character.

Retirement Apartment in Rua João Moura by RSRG Arquitetos

The entire apartment is divided into two parts, with the one large living area containing the sitting zone, home workspace, kitchen and dining area, while the other smaller section houses the bedroom and bathroom. A bright couch in red sits at the heart of the living area with plenty of greenery all around it, while the kitchen with a bold island in teal adds even more brightness and color to the neutral interior. A stylish bookshelf in wood and a brick accent wall section usher in textural contrast, even as large windows bring in ample natural light.

Colorful and lively apartment design in Sao Paulo

Delightful artwork and books reinvent the living space

Fun accents and pops of color to enliven the living space

Fun way to decorate around a beautiful bookshelf in wood

Quirky decor and surfboard decorative pieces inside the Brazilian apartment

Decor inside the Sao Paulo apartment brings plenty of color to the neutral setting

Decor on wheels does make redecorating a whole lot easier!

Vivacious kitchen with a wide array of textures and bold splash of color

Exposed cement beams, textured kitchen backsplash and a colorful kitchen island for the Sao Paulo home

Colorful kitchen island in teal is an absolute showstopper

Quirky pieces of décor, dramatic artwork and distinct accessories enhance the exclusivity of this Brazilian apartment that attempts to combine color, creativity and functionality in an effortless a fashion. And somewhere in there one can also notice a subtle blend of diverse styles as well! [Photography: Fran Parente]

Bold pendant lights in gray for the kitchen

Textured backdrop and a bookshelf on top for the reading zone

Stunning use of indoors plants creates a refreshing and cheerful ambiance

Spacious home workspace with brick walls

Contemporary and shabby chic styles merged inside the smart bedroom

Sleek and dark bedside table and classic wooden chair

Bedroom inside cheerful Sao Pauloe home with brick accent wall

View of the living area from the elegant bedroom of the Sao Paulo apartment

Small bathroom design with stone sink

Floating vanity in wood with a cement countertop

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