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Dark and Dashing: Give Your Home a Sparkling Black Floor

When we think about redecorating our home or planning for a new style makeover, a change in color scheme is often a must. Here, our attention turns to walls, décor and accessories in the room before everything else. There are times when we do alter the ceiling as well and even this comes generally as an afterthought. But few among us look at the floor of a room in terms of the ‘color’ it adds to a setting and generally tend to only think about the material used. Be it stone, wood or tile, you can give a room that ‘something special’ with a floor that is both eye-catching and dramatic – one that is clad in black. Black floors are not very common and do move away completely from your usual color palette for interior floors.

Polished black floor for the contemporary bedroom in white

Many homeowners tend to stay away from using black in an extensive manner in their home because they feel that it is a color that is very demanding. Too much of black in a small room can make it even smaller visually and in the larger rooms, black walls, window frames and other décor pieces are often utilized to anchor the space and provide elegant accent features. But have you thought about a black floor? Currently a hot trend that is especially popular in bathrooms and bedrooms, this is a look at how you can explore things on the darker side this summer –

Giving Balance to the White Interior

In the white interior, a black floor provides the perfect visual contrast even while anchoring the entire room. Since it is a look that works well with various styles and decorating a black and white room is easy as you can switch between seasonal accents without much fuss. A good way to start here is by keeping the walls as neutral as possible while allowing the black floor to shine through. Adding décor pieces and accents in black that match with the color and tint of the floor to create a more curated space. In the bedroom, this can come in the form of bedframe, side tables and lighting fixtures while in the bathroom it is mirror frame and vanity that come to your rescue.

Hexagonal floor tiles in black for the modern bathroom in white [From: Design Shop Interiors]
It is the floor that brings black to this black and white bathroom with a lovely wooden vanity
Farmhouse style bathroom in white and wood with modernity and a dark floor [From: Crisp Architects]

Fitting in with Different Styles

A black floor is a feature that fits in with different styles without much fuss and you can even switch between styles in these rooms without having to change the backdrop dramatically. In many contemporary homes, the walls are clad in neutral colors with white, beige, cream and gray being used most often. This lets the black floor play an important role in defining the overall theme and style of the room. It is not just the color but also the material of the floor that is important as floors in wood are more apt for styles like shabby chic, traditional, farmhouse and beach while polished stone floors feel more at home in contemporary and minimal spaces. Yet, in case of the black floor, a move away from these norms also feels natural.

Black floors beautifully balance this dashing Mediterranean style bedroom in white with fabulous sheer curtains [From: CÚRE & PENABAD]
Black in the living room becomes that much more prominent when coupled with black flooring
Dark grays and black create a kitchen that is both contemporary and sophisticated [From: Gary Lee Partners]
Modern transitional kitchen in white with glossy black floor and lovely lighting [From: DELUXE Design & Construction]

Illuminating the Room with Dark Floor

One of the key elements in a room with black floor is lighting. Lighting can make or break any room of the house, but it is even more important in a room where black has a larger presence. You just cannot afford to have any dark corners in here and an even layer of recessed lighting and smart accent lighting gets the jo done. We love the idea of combing black pendants or chandelier in the room with black floor for a look tat is far more sophisticated and contemporary.

Colorful modern dining room with acrylic chairs, Tom Dixon pendants and a glossy black floor
Finding a balance between white and black in the modern entry room with slate floor [From: Amy Aidinis Hirsch]
Gorgeous modern Mediterranean kitchen in black and white with floor that is dark and dashing [From: Jessica Helgerson Interior Design]
Adding pattern along with floor using black tiles in the bathroom

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