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Dark Radiance: Black Lampshades Assure Bold And Beautiful Interiors With Style

The emphasis in contemporary design is so heavily placed on neutral tones and muted shades that we often forget to look at the bold contrasts. For gorgeous modern interiors to appear as appealing as they do, one needs a touch of color and a dash of ‘drama’ here and there. Black is a pretty good choice in this regard. With white and grey being popular backdrops in current homes, black makes for a perfect accent color.

Chic yellow and white bedroom gets a touch of black with the stylish lampshade

by Tara Seawright

Lampshades in black are not as popular as the ones in various vivid colors. Yet, black lampshades bring along with them a multitude of advantages that accentuate the aesthetics of your house. Chic, modern, elegant and sophisticated, black lampshades work well when used in a smart and sensible fashion. Check out these trendy inspirations that showcase the black lampshade in a variety of settings and styles –

Add black lampshades to a neutral setting to bring in some solid color without disturbing the style

by Marks & Frantz

Bold black lampshades are a fine fit even in feminine bedrooms with palm-pattered wallpaper

by Design-OD

Great use of the black lampshade in the form of a pendant light set in modern living

by Kendall Marcelle Design

Large pendant light with black lampshade above a pristine white dining space

by Elad Gonen & Zeev Beech

Moooi Round Boon lampshades in black give the dining space a dramatic appeal

by Nicole Hollis

Playful colors like orange seem to work beautifully along with the hints of black

by Willey Design

Stylish contemporary living room with a unique table lamp in black

by Arnal Photography

Contemporary Contrast

As we discussed above, most modern interiors are clad in colors that seem to range from the white and grey to brown and pale blue. Whether it is the minimalist style or the contemporary theme, neutral backdrops have become pretty much mandatory. This makes an ideal canvas for the black lampshade, which offers lovely visual and even textural contrast. Black lamps shades work well with pendant lights, floor lamps, table lamps and even chandeliers. Bringing in balance and diversity, the black lampshade adds a dark tone without disturbing the existing style or theme in any manner.

Bedroom in black and white with accents of red

by Busybee Design

A black lampshade stands out in the living room with an all-white backdrop

by Milieu Home Goods

Fun table lamps with black lampshades bring in sense of exclusivity

Design is defined by light and shade, and appropriate lighting is enormously important. At times, a dark room needs darker tones and textures. This gives it an atmosphere with deep intense color that works well in artificial light.

Black lampshades provide a grounded appeal to bed and bath combo
Refreshingly green living space that seamlessly incorporates the black lampshade
Well placed black lampshades offer necessary contrast in this light and airy room

by Huisstyling

Table lamps with black lampshades lend visual balance to the setting

by Michael Abrams Limited

Multitude of lighting installations pull off the black lampshade effortlessly

by Vanessa De Vargas

Grounded in Black and White

Black lampshades do not look out of place no matter what color scheme you already have going. That is one of the major perks that come with this distinctive lighting décor. If you have an all-white setting, then the use of black lampshades is all the more pleasing as they offer a grounded and chic appeal that is similar to employing a ‘black and white’ theme. They also seem to rid you of the hassle of finding lampshades that match the exact color and shade of your existing accent tone. A bedroom with white and yellow or a living room in grey and green, no place is too alien for the black lampshade!

Gorgeous nursery with floor lamp in the corner sporting black lampshade

by Nicole Lanteri

Cool and colorful bedroom houses black lampshades with distinct motif

by Ethos Interiors

Modern lampshade with square corners and golden hues stands out in the bedroom

by David Churchill

A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world. This is precisely why lighting plays such a huge role; both on stage and in the interiors of your home.

Chandelier with black lampshades above green dining space

by South Shore Decorating

Drum pendant with black shade in the living space

by Urrutia Design

Home office with uses black lampshade in a largely white space

by John Maniscalco Architecture

Plush couch in neutral hue flanked by table lamps sporting black lampshades
Square lampshades in black seem to bring in a character of their own

Blending in with darker hues

Available in both the traditional shape and in improvised modern silhouettes, the black lampshade seamlessly combines with the existing darker tones in the room. Since most of us already use other deep tones as part of our interiors, black lampshades seem like an extension and enhancement of the existing style. While some of the less glossy ones are ideal for masculine settings, the sparkling and polished versions can be used for the chic rooms which need a feminine touch.

Billiards room sports beautiful lamps with black lampshades

by Hoskins Interior Design

Elegant bedroom with table lamp between the beds stealing the spotlight!

by Jenkins Custom Homes

Open living and kitchen plan that uses several layers of lighting

by Freestyle Interiors

Black is a color that works particularly well for lampshades and lighting fixtures. By inducing black in the form of lampshades one can rest assured that there will never be a dull corner created due to the use of a ‘darker tone’. Yet, these distinct lampshades elevate the aura of their surrounding space even as they stand out gleefully. The best part though is that you can always give one a shot without worrying about major renovations or revamps!

Lamps on either side of the bed are a popular idea in the modern home

by Chad Jackson Photo

Luxurious bedroom in green uses conical lampshades in black

by Garrison Hullinger Interior Design

Twin table lamps with black lampshades in a traditional setting

by Oliver Designs

Black and white lampshades in action!
Using black lampshades sets the interiors apart distinctively

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