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Bed Frame Designs that Fit in with All Styles: 25 Trendy Ideas, Photos

The amount of time that we spend decorating the walls of the bedroom, picking out styles, changing accents periodically and giving it a new look seems disproportionately large compared to the time spend on choosing a bed. Most of us tend to pick the simple and ‘usual’ bed design that is modern and convenient and the choice is more about size than style. But you can venture beyond the mundane bed frame this season to find some really impressive designs that are both timeless and trendy. A touch different from the usual crowd and offering something for everyone, this is a look at the 5 most popular bed frames this year –

Awesome platform bed with splayed legs brings wow factor to this modern bedroom [From: Hansen Interiors]

Bed frames do come in a wide variety of forms. The most popular ones offer something different both in terms of aesthetics and functionality. While last year saw the bed frame with tufted headboard top the trends chart, this year things are a bit different. From the minimal and contemporary platform bed to the merrier sleigh bed and the ornate four-poster design, this is a collection of bed frames that will have you planning to give your own bedroom a much-needed makeover. Step in and discover the 25 best ideas –

Holiday Cheer with Sleigh Beds!

The sleigh bed is a classic design that has been around forever. It fits in perfectly with traditional, rustic and farmhouse style bedrooms and looks good even in the modern bedroom when used right. Contemporary sleigh beds with tufted frames are a fun choice as they combine the flowing curves of this bed with ample comfort, providing the best of both worlds. In the minimal bedroom with clean, straight lines, this beautiful bed also offers geometric contrast. A great design that works well beyond the Holiday Season for sure!

Sleigh style daybed in the bedroom feels both classic and elegant at the same time [From: Ethan Allen]
White sleigh bed in the bedroom with limited color scheme and neutral backdrop
Beautiful and comfortable sleigh bed in dashing blue for the modern bedroom [From: Garbett Homes]
Comfy tufted sleigh bed is a rare find that adds luxury to the bedroom with festive charm [From: Beth Webb Interiors]
Fabulous traditional bedroom with high pitched ceiling, rich wooden decor and sleigh bed [From: Lompier Interior Group]

Classic Four-Poster Beds

Another traditional design that has found a way to adapt its way into the modern home, the four-poster bed includes wide range of custom designs that change with the chosen design. You can use bed curtains and fabric to deck out the four-poster bed and give it a more luxurious and ‘regal’ appeal while the minimal four-poster bed does away with all these frills. Craved posts in wood usher in styles such as Indian and Oriental with ease while these beds are also great for the tropical style bedroom with exotic aura.

Luxurious master bedroom with a modern four-poster bed and contemporary style [From: Applegate Tran Interiors]
Modern Victorian bedroom with lovely wall art and a beautiful four poster bed [From: Herrick Design Group]
Use bed curtains and fabric to turn the four-poster bed into a more regal addition [From: Tracy Murdock Allied]
Beautiful and royal carved rosewood Anglo-Indian four poster bed for the luxurious bedroom [From: The Raj Company]
Fabulous room in floral pattern and four-poster bed [From: JMA INTERIOR DESIGN]

Wrought Iron Bed Frame in Modern Homes

This one is much more ‘quaint’ in terms of both its origin and usage over the last few decades, but the modest wrought iron bed frame is back with a bang this year. With homeowners embracing styles such as rustic, farmhouse, industrial and Victorian once again, this bed does feel apt. It is often light in weight and its many modern versions usher in color and pattern without going overboard. Sometimes, the bed feels like a work of art in the contemporary bedroom clad in neutral colors!

Wrought iron bed frame painted pastel green brings color to the chic bedroom in dreamy white [From: Rethink Design Studio]
Charming little bedroom with fireplace in the corner, wrought iron bed and cozy ambiance [From: Chandler Prewitt Interior Design]
Coastal and shabby chic styles coupled in the white bedroom with wrought iron frame
Metal scrolled bed gives the classic wrought iron bed frame a brilliant modern twist [From: Thundersley Home Essentials]
Perfect little wrought iron bed for the farmhouse style bedroom

Perfect Platform Bed

Minimal and understated, the platform bed is another showstopper that can fit into bedroom of any style. In the small bedrooms, the platform be is a boon that fits in pretty much anywhere and even in rooms with low ceiling, it seems just fine. If you are embracing a shabby chic, Scandinavian or Japanese style in the bedroom, this is indeed the go-to choice. Couple this woodsy find with matching nightstands and other decor pieces, and you have a fab and functional bedroom.

Custom platform bed with storage space for books and more is a real space-saver
Minimal platform bed in wood looks good even in the contemporary bedroom [From: Valdez Architecture – Interiors]
Wooden platform bed for the modern rustic bedroom that keeps things minimal [From: Refab Wood]
Bedroom with minimal platform bed and wooden accent wall

Saving-Space with Trundle Beds

Another bed that not only saves space visually, but provides you with additional sleeping space is the smart trundle bed. Just slide out the lower unit once you have guests over and things are pretty much set! Trundle beds are a smart option in the guest room, home office that doubles as guest space or even in the kids’ room with bunk beds.

Space-savvy and minimal trundle bed for the beach style bedroom
Turn to trundle beds for a more space-savvy and organized bedroom [From: LKW Design Associates]
Bedding in the trundle beds brings color to the white bedroom
Bunk and trundle beds rolled into one in the kids’ bedroom
Combining the home workspace and guest room using a cool trundle bed [From: Malcolm Davis Architecture]

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