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30 Top Bedroom Decorating Trends for Spring 2019: Reinvent Space, Style and More!

Time does really fly by and when it comes to the month of February, it is truer than it is any other time of the year! First half of the month is spent by many planning and looking forward to Valentine’s Day and before you know it, the rest of the month starts to rush past you as well. Of course, with the arrival of March one starts enjoying the many benefits of early spring. Getting ready for the many sights, sounds and the pleasant weather that awaits ahead means much more than just a change in the wardrobe. It is also a great to time shed the winter coat that you have draped on your home and to give it a colorful and more vibrant new appeal. And today, we start with the bedroom!

Rustic chic bedroom that veers more towards modern [From: Peace Design / Gibeon Photography]

The best decorating and design trends of spring 2019 feel ever so organic, affordable and easy-to-incorporate when it comes to the bedroom. Even if you are not someone inclined to drastically change styles and overall appeal of the bedroom once in a while, smaller and finer details can be altered easily to give the space a trendy, fresh and cheerful appeal. From eye-catching pattern to an ode to nature, spring 2019 brings with it loads of joy and the smartest bedroom decorating ideas for the season epitomize this perfectly.

Rustic Chic is a Must Try!

The move away from polished modern finishes to more distressed décor pieces and interiors with much more character and uniqueness has been on the up in the last few years. 2019 continues the trend with bedrooms in rustic chic style topping the charts when it comes to the most popular style. Combining modern ergonomics and backdrop with carefully curated pieces that reflect rustic charm; these bedrooms feel urban, cozy and timeless at the same time. Add furniture pieces in wood, nature-inspired patterns and art work to create the perfect blend.

Rustic bedroom with a unique backdrop and smart Edison bulb lighting
Space-savvy modern rustic bedroom feels understated and classy [From: Heidi Caillier Design]
Classic rustic bedroom vibe is extended using wall art and distressed finishes [From: MCM Interior Design]
Minimal rustic bedroom with wooden accent wall [From: Landmark Homes]

Floral Wallpaper, Bedding and Prints

From the more monotonous brand of wallpaper, 2018 saw a shift to hand-painted wallpaper that just feels much richer and sophisticated. No matter which way you lean, when it comes to pattern in bedroom, floral prints are the best way forward. This is even truer as you head into the months of spring and summer. If wallpaper seems like too much of a commitment, turn to bedding, throw pillows or sheets with floral pattern for a bright and colorful modern bedroom.

Floral wallpaper is the showstopper inside this chic transitional bedroom [From: Fiddlehead Design Group]
Gorgeous bed frame brings floral pattern to this room[From: Occipinti]
Modern eclectic bedroom full of color [From: Esther Hershcovich]
Traditional bedroom in yellow with pleasing floral pattern on walls
Bedroom accent wall clad in floral wallpaper [From: Etre]

Patterned Rugs go Beyond Living Space

Another cost-effective and easy way to bring the colors of spring and all its freshness to the bedroom, patterned rugs have ventured beyond the living space in the last few seasons with ease. A bold, modern and superb patterned rug in the bedroom is bound to steal the spotlight every single time. If you are bored of simple stripes and plain motifs, opt for more ornate Persian rugs or those with Oriental influence for an even more stunning bedroom makeover. Repeating the color of the rug in the room is one way in which you can easily stitch it with the rest of the room without too much of an effort.

Patterned rug and drapes instantly transform the bedroom vibe [From: Angela Flournoy]
Traditional bedroom with patterned rug and ceiling is eye-catching [From: Nrinteriors]
Eclectic bedroom with patterned rug and pastel hues
Go beyond boring monotonous patterns for the carpet in bedroom [From: Adams Architects]
Hexagonal patterned rug for the modern bedroom [From: Cornerstone Construction]

Feminine, but with Balance!

The idea of a feminine bedroom just does not fit that well with everyone. This becomes even more of an issue with couples as guys want the space to reflect a bit of their personality as well. (Not mention how they want to keep the count of pillows down to a minimum at all times). This spring give your bedroom a subtle feminine makeover with an infusion of pastel color or possible a few flowery patterns along with a vase or two in the corner. It is not much and neither do we want it to be. The trendy way is to have a bedroom that is modern, beautifully lit and just subtly feminine – one which can just as equally be altered into a more masculine space down the line!

Gray and white bedroom with pops of pastel pink
Pastel pink is perfect for those looking to shape a restrained feminine bedroom
Sparkling chandelier draws your eye instantly in this white bedroom
White is a color that never fails to impress in the feminine bedroom
Bedding and accents bring an air of femininity to this white shabby chic bedroom

Magic of Four-Poster Beds

Another classic that comforts us at its very sight, the four-poster bed is a sign of luxury, relaxation and even a bit of exotic charm and it is a feature that you might want to utilize more regularly in 2019. Do not view the four-poster bed as an oddity, but welcome it into your bedroom. Yes, you will have to make a few décor and style changes as this is not a bed that fits into with the more grounded and eclectic bedrooms. But this is a good thing and your bedroom would finally get the gorgeous makeover it deserves.

Polsihed bedroom with contemporary four-poster bed in wood and tufted headboard [From: Carpenter & Carpenter]
Stunningly cozy tropical bedroom with an uber-stylish four poster bed [From: Iwan Sastrawiguna Interior Design]
Stylish four poster bedroom makes most of the height of the bedroom
Exquisite and classy four poster bed for the modern Victorian bedroom [From: Herrick Design Group]
Lavish Indian style bedroom with an ornate four poster bed

White and Color with an Eye-Catching Mix

This one might sound like an all too easy and obvious idea for the bedroom makeover, but that is what makes it so popular! Just keep your bedroom as white as possible and add a few pops of vivacious color that reminds you of the best sights and hues of spring. The trick here is to not overload on color but to create energetic little pockets of it even as the remainder of the room feels serene and contemporary.

Perfect bedroom for spring that combines color with white in a vivacious fashion
White is the color that dominates inside this bedroom [From: R.M. Buck Builders]
Beach style bedroom is perfect for both summer and spring
Beach style bedroom is perfect for both summer and spring [From: Spring Island]
Bedding mirrors the blue outside and brings it into the bedroom
Fun way to add color to the bedroom in white [From: Ross Painting / R. Brad Knipstein Photography]
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