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Beachy Member’s Lounge on Toronto’s Boardwalk is Wrapped in Blue and White

Every once in a while it is nice to move out of the world of home décor and design inspiration and check out brilliant ideas from restaurants, coffee shops and other more commercial outlets across the world. Even if we cannot freely travel at the moment because of a crippling global pandemic, the inspiration is something that we can easily borrow from and add to our own homes. The delightfully revamped private members lounge of Balmy Beach Club on Toronto’s Boardwalk is one such space that offers ample inspiration to anyone who wants to embrace coastal style or nautical touches at their breezy best!

New private Member’s Lounge in Toronto is the perfect place to relax and work as well

The renovation was carried out by Judith Taylor Designs and the new interior s wrapped in a cloak of white and blue that is inspired by life on the sea. You can easily notice coastal touches all throughout the lounge with ample space for members to get together and have a good time. One can rest and rejuvenate in here and there is also an opportunity to watch a game or two as you enjoy a couple of drinks and maybe even get some work done in a quiet corner. A display wall next to the central fireplace with TV above proudly showcases the many trophies of the club while wall-mounted oars add more character to the lovely interior.

Decorating the space around the fireplace with TV, paddles and memorabilia
Luxurious blue sofas and comfortable club chairs in blue usher in the coastal charm
Multiple private and open sitting areas inside the lounge offer the perfect place to relax and catch up with friends
New nautical themed interior of the Balmy Beach Club Member’s Lounge in Toronto
Paddles on the wall, striped couch in blue and white and a cozy fireplace shape the interior of the beach club lounge
Revamped exclusive member’s lounge of Balmy Beach Club on Toronto’s Boardwalk
Traditional lighting and sports-themed motifs for the member’s lounge in Toronto

We love the use dark blues throughout the interior and it is only disturbed by the ample white in the backdrop. With plush sofas and club chairs in navy blue, tall bar chairs in gray and exposed brick walls painted white, this refined lounge has it all!

White and blue walls, matching decor and ample natural light usher in the relaxed beachy vibe
Balmy Beach Club Member’s Lounge design with details that epitomize the club
Coastal theme and nautical touches can be found throughout the interior
Comfortable gray bar chairs for the lounge bring modernity to the setting
Colorful wooden chairs on the beach offer lovely views of the waves and beyond

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