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Textured Modernity: 20 Dining Rooms with White Brick Walls

Brick walls have been a hot trend for a while in interior spaces and there are many ways of incorporating an exposed brick wall into the overall design narrative. With its reddish sheen and textural charm, the brick wall has been an absolute revelation in the interior design world for the past few years. But today, we take a look in a slightly different direction and explore the beauty and uniqueness of white brick walls in dining rooms. You can create a gorgeous brick wall in white either by whitewashing it or even using paint. In case of whitewash, a single coat will still expose much of the original brick wall and create patches of white and red that have their own charisma. Paint on the other hand tends to create a more modern backdrop.

Dining room inside Moscow apartment with whitewashed brick wall, wooden floor and lovely white drapes [From: polinarye]

Brick walls in the dining room is an idea that obviously does not work for everyone. The main reason behind this is the fact that many of us do not have an aged brick wall to showcase hidden beneath all the layers of plaster on the outside. But for the lucky few who have homes with brick walls, the idea of peeling off the additional layers on top and allowing the bricks covered in white to shine through is a trendy and eye-catching choice. From the industrial to the contemporary, this is a round up of the best dining rooms with white brick walls –

Just a Hint of Color

In the modern dining room with brick wall backdrop that has been either whitewashed or painted in white, color is generally kept down to a minimum. Too much of color in this setting can create a cluttered look. This is truer when you want to showcase the beauty of the brick wall in the background in an understated manner. The best way forward is to add pops of color – be it in the form of bright banquette seating and dining table chairs or seasonal accents that make a big difference to the overall setting without costing a whole lot. Wall art, flowers, vases and pendant lights can all bring in minor doses of color that combine to create a cheerful and inviting dining space.

Fabulous green seating coupled with right white wall in the backdrop makes a big visual impact
Skylight highlights the whitewashed brick wall in the backdrop in a natural fashion [From: Carmen Parker Styling]
Backdrop creates an interesting blend of textures in the dining room [From: CHD Interiors]
Colorful wall art for dining space with contemporary style inside London home
Dashing modern-industrial dining room with whitewashed brick wall background
Eclectic collection of chairs for the dark and small dining table

Modern Sheen for Exposed Brick Walls

Even exposed brick walls generally need to be sealed properly so that they do not deteriorate rapidly and house bacteria and moulds in possible damp spots. Another layer of white paint on top or even whitewash only helps further. In case of whitewash, a single coat brings a much different look to a brick wall that gets three to four coats of whitewash. The choice depends on the style of the room. A single coat of whitewash looks good in the shabby chic, eclectic and farmhouse style dining rooms while a wall with more even white tone is right for modern, beach style and transitional dining areas.

It is hard to find a more dramatic and stunning dining room with whitewashed brick walls [From: D’apostrophe Design]
Painting the brick wall completely white works well in contemporary dining rooms
Painting the exposed brick wall white in the industrial style dining rooms with black chairs
Spacious dining area in revamped home with white brick walls and plenty of natural light [From: Mary Douglas Drysdale]
Whitewashed brick wall backdrop in the living area becomes a part of the dining space [From: Amy Kartheiser Design]
Curated modern dining room with white walls coupled with brick walls
Dining space on a platform is surrounded by whitewashed brick walls all around [From: Bernbaum-Magadini Architects]

Lighting, Textural Contrast and More

Lighting for the dining room with a white brick wall is not that drastically different from what you would do in most other dining spaces. But if you want to highlight the whitewashed brick wall itself, then a skylight above or right accent lighting are an absolute must. Keeping the room as neutral as possible is another easy way to accomplish this. In farmhouse, rustic and traditional dining rooms, this wall becomes a part of the larger narrative of textural contrast as materials like wood and concrete also come into play. A blend of these different finishes gives the room a fabulous, inimitable appeal.

Imperfections of the whitewashed brick wall accentuate the beauty of this dining room
Opulent and exclusive dining room with classic decor in wood and whitewashed brick wall backdrop [From: Wyatt Poindexter of Keller Williams Elite]
Whitewashed brick walls age elegantly and create multiple dynamics in the dining room
You can alter the coat of whitewash to achieve different looks in the dining room
Double-height dining room of the classic home with whitewashed brick wall backdrop [From: Ard Bia Interiors / Doreen Kilfeather Photographer]
Farmhouse style dining room with lovely whitewashed brick wall, classic decor and antique pieces [From: Terry Brick]

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