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Dark, Dashing and Full of Surprises: Ravishing Artist’s Apartment in Kyiv

Modern apartment are spaces that are often filled with neutral hues and you have a curated blend of color and style in here. Most often it is white, light grays and beige that fashion the backdrop and there is no shortage of bright hues in here as well. But this Artist’s Apartment in Kyiv, Ukraine feels drastically different with a dramatic interior that I anchored in deep, dark grays and black. It is more akin to an urbane bachelor pad and yet every room offers something different with textural contrast and edgy decorative elements that leave you pleasantly surprised. It is an apartment that showcases the personality of its homeowner and his taste.

Glass doors swing open to welcome you at the modern Kyiv apartment

You would normally not expect a home this polished and modern to have unfinished finishes and yet with rugged stone, concrete ceiling and exposed pipes, there is an undeniable industrial flavor in here. This is accentuated by the use of track lights and custom pendant that have a distinct industrial style. Use of deep shades of gray and dark sheer curtains also add to the masculine appeal and for those who are skeptical about using such colors, this apartment showcases the perfect way to do it. It is barely a surprise to find fabulous art pieces in here that have been seamlessly combined with comfortable décor pieces.

Folding glass doors delineate the living area from the artistic zone
Gorgeous sculptural pieces and wall art can be found throughout the apartment
Kitchen and dining area of the apartment with lovely black cabinets and unique lighting fixtures
Narrow and low-slung sofa is absolutely perfect for the light-filled sitting area
Beautiful Artist’s apartment in Kyiv combines multiples textures with contemporary style
Captivating contemporary apartment in grays and black for an artist in Kyiv
Exposed natural stone is combined with concrete and wooden finishes inside the apartment

Natural stone, wood and concrete shape the living areas, bedrooms and bathrooms and the sheer balance between the three achieved by YoDezeen leaves us awestruck. [Photography: Andrii Shurpenkov]

Modern industrial bedroom has a monochromatic black and white look along with innovative lighting
Fabulous bedside pendants and table lamp bring abstract forms to this minimal bedroom
Using black to fashion a sophisticated and modern bathroom with urbane elegance
Dark gray and black contemporary bathroom with exposed duct pipes and natural stone

Sherry Nothingam

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