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Adaptable Apartment Celebrates Whimsical Touches and Exciting Art Finds

You would be hard-pressed to find an apartment that is filled with a more vivacious, imaginative and eclectic collection of artwork, quirky accessories and custom décor packed in such a short space as this ingenious apartment in Singapore. Designed by Knq Associates, the engaging home was created for a homeowner who is also a designer, and it is filled with captivating details at every turn. The entrance of the apartment is where the journey starts as one marvels at the textured wall that mimics a ‘rust iron’ finish. Step inside further, and you will be overwhelmed by the flood of little details that make a big difference when put together.

Rust iron wall finish at the entrance of the gorgeous apartment in Singapore

The small living room and sitting zone are filled with a variety of textures and patterns, and the neutral backdrop is turned into a canvas that showcases a vibrant and ever-changing picture. 3D-effect wallpaper from Arte shapes the feature wall in the living area that flows into the balcony outside. A small kitchen and dining area in the corner make the most of the space on offer, with a cantilevered and custom dining bench stealing the spotlight here. Paintings from street artists from across the world add color and contrast to both the living area and bedroom, while bespoke lighting fixtures take it to a whole new level!

Ingenious and playful pendant light design with a birdcage around it

Cantilevered dining table that is a part of the larger kitchen design

Exquisite dining table with hexagonal panels and tempered glass finish

View of the kitchen and dining room from the small balcony

Sitting zone and TV area next to the balcony opens up towards the outdoors

Beautiful painting adds color and ingenuity to the small living space

3D-effect wallpaper from Arte shapes the TV wall

Vintage pieces and quirky accents inside the SIngapore apartment

Wall decal in the hallway leading to the guest room and loft retreat

Despite all the dazzle and delight of unique decor and accent additions, space-saving features are not forgotten, as a home office / guest space contains a loft ‘entertainment zone’ that allows the homeowner to escape the mundane rush. Relaxing bedrooms in white and gray and mirrored cabinets complete a sensational interior where style is fluid and functionality truly versatile.

Home office with loft space above and workdesk on wheels

Loft guest space and relaxing nook

Smart entertainment space in the loft nook

Fabulous way to add texture to the bedroom wall without altering its color scheme

Modern and seren bedroom in white

The owner’s collection of art and sculpture/ toy pieces are nestled amid the clean-lined furniture and masculine black and grey color scheme in the living area. Mirrored panels climb the wall behind a beautiful painting by UK street artist Miss Bugs and help to double the sense of volume in the home. Next to it hang silken curtains that sluice down tall sliding doors leading into a balcony…

A touch of gray for the contemporary bedroom

Colorful lighting adds another intriguing visual element to the bedroom inside this snazzy Singapore apartment

Creative way to light up the TV nook in the bedroom

Bathroom with a cozy, inviting backdrop in yellow

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