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Small A-Frame Treehouse in the Woods made from Recycled Materials

A-frame structures sometimes feel like a thing of the past; reminiscent of an era that has been replaced by rectangular modern homes all around. Yet, it is this nostalgic appeal that makes them perfect as a secluded hangout in the garden! Designed for a couple of boys in the Australian bushland, the Crump Treehouse feels absolutely magical a first glance. With an aging gum tree on one side and a hill of the other, there is absolutely no shortage of greenery here. Adding to the green brilliance is the eco-friendly cabin that has been crafted almost entirely using recycled materials by Crump Architects.

Duckboards and a small entry deck lead to the fabulous treehouse

Materials used for building his ingenious treehouse were acquired from various local sources including a demolished carport and other old, weary structures that needed to be dismantled. A series of duck-boards and open deck welcome you into the treehouse with glittering lighting adding to its aura. On the inside, one finds layers of Baltic Pine making an impressive visual statement. A floating bed, fireplace, small nooks and hangouts and a couple of bunk beds ensure there is ample place to rest and relax in here.

A frame of the cabin narrows at the top while bringing the views inside
A frame of the cabin narrows at the top while bringing the views inside
A-frame treehouse with glass walls and windows that bring the outdoor inside
Bunk beds inside the A-frame treehouse for the two boys
Cozy interior of the brilliant treehouse that is lined with Baltic Pine

The glazed façade brings in the views along with natural light even as a timber door pops out to bring in natural breeze and freshness. Draped in natural beauty, offering ample privacy for kids who can spend the entire day in here with ease and combining child-friendly design with a serene ambiance, this treehouse is a captivating escape. [Photography: Andrew Knott]

Fabulous custom Treehouse built using recycled materials sits of a lovely green lot
Fireplace coupled with bunk beds and cozy nooks inside the modern treehouse
Large glazed windows bring ample natural light into the fun A-frame hangout
Closer look at the modern treehouse built using largely recycled materials
Decorating the interior of treehouse with modern, eco-friendly design

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