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Custom Corten Steel Structural Component Extend this Arizona Home Outdoors

The last few years have seen corten steel homes and structures being more accepted by homeowners across the globe. They add a certain ‘authentic’ industrial vibe to a home and ensure that you have a residence that ages beautifully. Often used as an extension, corten steel frames and structures can be easily integrated with existing homes. But the Arizona Courtyard House designed by Optima DCHGlobal uses the corten steel frame as the main structure of the house around which rest of the residence is built. Using a series of large glass walls and sliding glass doors, the open plan of the courtyard house brings outdoors inside with ease.

Arizona courtyard house with distinctive Corten steel structural components
Arizona courtyard house with distinctive Corten steel structural components

The system of standardized Corten steel structure ensures that the different components of the house can be easily extended outside and new rooms can be added with ease down the line. Forming an extended pergola structure the house, the corten frame offers shade for the outdoor hangout and the pool deck even while feeling like an organic part of the main residence. With the lap pool on one side, mountain views on the other, there is plenty to look forward to as you step outside the main living area. [Photography: Bill Timmerman]

Corten steel structure combines shade with adaptable design at the open courtyard house
Curated garden outside he open, modern Arizona home
Custom shade coupled with the corten steel framework bring filtered light indoors
Glazed glass walls connect the interior with the world outside
Colorful chairs coupled with a fire pit for a cozy outdoor lounge
Corten steel beams extend the home outdoors into the courtyard and offer a world of possibilities

Interior finishes were selected to achieve warmth. Extensive millwork of natural cherry, European oak, and walnut are used throughout. Area rugs are placed on the polished concrete floor, with red MMA floor mats used at circulation areas. Draperies with high translucency create privacy while allowing light and views to the courtyard and mountains

Perforated corten sheets around the pool ensure that there is ample shade next to the pool
Polished concrete floor covered using bright, non-slip rugs all over the living room
Pool house next to the lavish contemporary pool also built using a corten steel frame
Extended Corten steel roof of the home that adds shade to the outdoor hangouts
Outdoor spaces at the luxurious Arizona Courtyard House

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