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6 Tips To Choosing The Perfect Lamp Shade For Any Room

You have chosen the paint and rug, placed the furniture where it ought to be, but one thing is missing… the lampshade!

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Lighting is a key ingredient of room design, and what better way to illuminate a space than with lampshades? With a few tips, choosing the perfect lamp shade for your room no longer has to be confusing.

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  1. Think of safety first

Once you have chosen the desired lampshade, ensure that it sits the proper distance from the light bulb as those bulbs do emit heat!

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You can adjust the distance by using a sized fitter that sits above the light bulb.

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2. Complement your room colors

Consider how your lampshade will look in your room. For muted places that require a bit of color, use bold or bright lampshades. For simple or minimalist decor, use lampshades in neutral colors.

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3. Pick the right base

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When looking for the perfect lampshade, look at the base first. The base could be tall and slender or wide and broad. Knowing what fits the base best will help you choose the right shade.

The lampshade should be low enough to cover the switch, but not too low that you have to reach up under it to operate the lamp.

4. Blend it in

The lampshade should fit into the room without detracting from the overall decor.

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A bedside table lamp might need a smaller profile shade if it is small or doesn’t have a lot of space to use without you bumping into it.

On the other hand, a floor lamp next to a wingback chair may afford a wider profile for its place in your living room.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Lamp Shade for Any Room
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5. Use lampshades in every room

Lamps should not only be used in your bedroom, living room, or office.

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When looking for the right lampshade, remember that lamps can go in the bathroom, basement, or even the laundry room to add ambiance.

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Designers make use of pendant drum lampshades to create a focal point over a freestanding bathtub. If you have a countertop area in your laundry room, why not place a small lamp as a night light when walking by a laundry room.

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The right lampshade can make all the difference in unique spaces.

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6. Be creative

It is not necessary for all the shades in your rooms to match. Rather, having several similar shades in a room could end up looking overstyled.

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If you have diverse tastes, then feel free to skip the matching lampshades completly. You can try to match or blend the colors in your lamp with the shade on top.

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