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10 Inspirations For A Boho Living Room

The bohemian style of decor is not for the faint-hearted.

Source: BHG

It involves combining bright colors, eclectic objects, and unique patterns from various parts of the world.

Source: BHG

So, if you have a flair for artistic, unconventional, and creative looks, the boho style might be for you!

Source: D+K renewal

Here are 10 boho living room ideas to inspire your next living room arrangement. This collection of boho living room ideas will undoubtedly inspire you, especially if you have a gypsy spirit.

1. Go Natural

Source: House beautiful

Incorporating house plants is one of the most natural ways to add spice to a bohemian living room.

Source: The interior editor

The wall decorations and exotic textured throw pillows give unique touches to the living space.

2. Macramé Wall Decorations

Source: Okayymari

The macramé wall decoration, the potted plant, soft throw pillows, and center rug create a welcoming space.

Source: The design twins

You can find these macramé decorations from boho retailers or a large variety of handmade shops.

3. Oriental Vintage Rugs

Oriental vintage rugs are a popular look on the floors of boho homes. This one goes with an off-white sofa, several colorful soft throw pillows, and a potted plant. See how warm and inviting this bohemian living space decor looks!

Source: Curated Interior

4. Boho Artwork

Colorful artwork can add an extra touch of beauty to the walls of your boho-inspired living room.

Source: Source: Jungalow

Anything that depicts people, nature, and plants, will do. You may also choose to go abstract based on your color theme.

Source: Daily home

This living room wall decor consists of several paintings and prints beautifully arranged side by side. They depict plants and nature. The art hangs over a simple white sofa with orange throw pillows.

Source: Jungalow

5. Rattan Accent Chairs

Natural materials are a must-have in bohemian living spaces, and rattan is a perfect natural material to bring into your home.

It is strong, lightweight, and eco-friendly. Here is a lovely rattan chair positioned next to a sofa.

Source: Curated Interior

6. Natural Wood Furniture

Most boho living room spaces incorporate natural elements. You can go for some natural wood furniture and pair the pieces with some white accents. Enjoy the calming feeling it brings!

Source: iwona_boho_home

7.  Brown Leather

Source: oliv.home

Brown leather adds a bit of warmth to an austere living room decor. Here is a brown leather sofa with colorful throw pillows and a center rug to complete the bohemian look.

Source: Steelesandiegohomes

8. Copper Garden Stool

A garden stool made out of copper can offer stylish seating in a boho living room. It can also serve as a mini side table.

Source: Jungalow

9.  Colorful Throw Blankets

Bohemian living spaces are usually associated with multiple bright colors. Here are some colorful throw blankets on the seating. The room also has some woven wall baskets and art on the wall.

Source:Dabito and Domino

10. Leather Moroccan Pouf

Source: Decorilla
Source: The Spruce

A leather Moroccan pouf is another must-have piece when designing your boho living room. It is not only used for the beauty it adds, it can also be used to make your guests more comfortable!

Judith Ejike

I write for decoist.

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