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Stone and Cedar Home Nestled among Napa’s Magical Vineyards

The vineyards of Napa Valley are renowned across the globe for more reasons than one, and a journey through the landscape leaves you absolutely enthralled. It is this scenic backdrop that plays host to the fabulous Oak Knoll Residence on the outskirts of Napa. Designed by Jørgensen Design, the stylish contemporary residence is clearly demarcated into two zones, with one being clad in stone and the other draped in cedar. The two materials present a lovely contrast visually while bringing a touch of rustic beauty to an otherwise elegant modern residence.

Contemporary L-Shaped home in california set among vineyards

The two distinct wings form an L-shaped structure that is completely closed towards the street and opens up in an unabated fashion towards the rear using large sliding glass doors. Creating an intricate series of pathways, corridors and courtyards, it is the interaction between these two distinct zones that shapes the ambiance of the Oak Knoll Residence. A simple garden and a porch-style atrium lead you to the glass foyer that contains the entrance to both the stone- and cedar-clad wings of the home.

While the cedar section contains the guest rooms and the courtyards, the structure clad in stone holds the living areas and a unique art collection. Combining the essence of the panoramic, rustic scenery around it with a distinct contemporary vibe, this charming residence offers the best of both worlds! [Photos: Joe Fletcher Photography]

Street view of the Oak Knoll Residence in California

Stone and cedar walls of the Oak Knoll Residence

Butterfly chairs on the shaded porch outside the house

Stylish contemporary home in California surrounded by greenery

Contrasting sections of the home in stone and cedar

Gallery -styled entrance displays the art collection of the homeowners

Glass, stone and wood create the gorgeous modern home in California

Large eaves create both a place to enjoy the outdoors all year around and protection from the summer sun, while letting in the right amount of winter sun deep into the house. The envelope of the house enhances the control of the site while providing a sense of privacy and protection while juxtaposed with large openings to the surrounding landscape.

Living room of the Oak Knoll Residence with a wooden ceiling

Modern minimal bedroom that opens up towards the vineyards outside

Glass doors bring the outdoors into the bedroom with ease

Central couryard and a zen nook next to the bedroom

Gravel and stone courtyard next to bedroom

Corridors and walkways connect the two different wings of the house in stone and wood

Natural vineyards and greenery surround the lovely California home

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