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Industrial Chic: Apartment in Odessa Embraces Cozy, Space-Savvy Design

Giving your apartment with limited space a quick overhaul requires both smart planning and flawless execution that minimizes wastage of time and resources. Epitomizing this approach is the beautiful Oh!dessa apartment that was designed by 2Bgroup to meet the needs of an urban denizen and her fast-paced social life. Located in Odessa, Ukraine, the apartment has an undeniable industrial chic charm with its exposed brick wall, raw concrete surfaces and vintage decor combined with warm wooden surfaces. This eclectic and exquisite blend of materials results in a surprisingly organized space that is unabashedly modern when it comes to functionality.

Combining the kitchen and dining space with effortless ease

The open plan living space of the apartment makes use of every inch on offer, and there are no hallways and corridors that lead from one room to another. Instead, clever design solutions such as the walk-through wardrobe that connects the bedroom with the master bathroom turn even the transitional zones into fully functional areas. Quirky details are coupled with plush decor in neutral hues as white dominates the backdrop. An uncluttered approach to shelves and cabinets keeps them to a bare minimum, with a lone large bookshelf wall in the bedroom being the one exception.

Elegant neutral decor and plush rugs bring softness to the chic setting

Industrial style pendant lighting for kitchen and dining

Beautiful kitchen design with large industrial lighting and floating wooden shelves

Brick wall turned into a creative gallery wall

Lovely reading nook with brick wall, bright yellow chair and a stylish ladder used as book rack

Open floating shelves in the kitchen coupled with minimal white cabinets

Expoxed concrete gives the Odessa Apartment an industrial touch

Demarcation of spaces in the open plan living area is done using lighting, a fireplace and pillars to create distinctly separate zones, even while one flows into the next effortlessly. A smart kitchen with minimal white cabinets, open wooden shelves and a versatile island, an intimate dining space with industrial-style pendant lighting and a relaxing living area make up this zone. The bedroom that turns wires and cables into fascinating, artistic additions and the sparkling Tom Dixon pendants steal the show, even as an illuminated wall sign and transparent bathtub set the tone in the eclectic bathroom.

Concrete fireplace acts as a divider between two different zones

Bedroom with bookshelf and Tom Dixon pendants

Cozy bedroom design with a minimalistic contemporary touch

Smart bedside lighting coupled with elegant wall art

Unique headboard wall and bedside lighting idea

Wire cables and chords turned into an artistic addition

Walk-through Wardrobe connecting the bedroom and the master bathroom

Sleek home workspace with lovely lighting

Illuminated wall sign for the trendy bathroom

Transparent bathtub and bright neon wall sign for the eclectic contemporary bath

Trendy twin sinks in the bathroom with brick wall

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