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16 Beachy Surfboard Decorating Ideas

Who said surfboards are only for extreme water sport enthusiasts? If you ask me, they look the most stunning when incorporated into a home’s decor, regardless of whether that home is situated on the coast or not. In fact, you don’t even need to have an overly beachy or nautical theme going on in any room to make it work either. You can get surfboards in so many different colors and designs, the possibilities for using them to accentuate a room really are endless! If you find that the ocean may be calling your name for your next decorating project, here are a few surf-worthy ideas to inspire you.

Surfable Wall Art

These bright and breezy coastal kitchen designs look perfect with wooden surfboards mounted horizontally in just the right places. If you thought surfboards always had to have ridiculously bright colored logos on them, well, it’s not true! The wooden ones are super versatile and make an especially nice addition to any room that already has wood furniture or flooring.

kitchen surfboard wall art 1
Design featured by: Driven by Decor
kitchen surfboard wall art 2
Design featured by: Heather Peterson
kitchen surfboard wall art 10
Design featured by: Coastal Style
den surfboard wall art 3
Design featured by: Queensland Homes

Breaking Waves in the Corner

Besides hanging a cool looking surfboard horizontally on your wall, standing one up vertically can look just as good — if not better! It all depends on where you put it, and how you want it to interact with the rest of the furniture and accessories in the room. By placing them in a corner of a room, you can create a really unique (and tall) focal point with a pop of color. The best part? There are no limits to what room surfboards belong in. From the den, to the bedroom, to the deck, to the bathroom — if you look long and hard enough, you can probably find a surfboard that matches and accentuates virtually any room.

den surfboard stood up 7
Design featured by: Everything Coastal
den surfboard stood up 9
Design featured by: The Design Files
dech surfboard stood up 5
Design featured by: The Design Files
bathroom surfboard stood up 4
Design featured by: Nautical Cottage Blog
bedroom surfboard stood up 8
Design featured by: Happy Interior Blog
den surfboard stood up 6
Design featured by West Elm

Seaside Tabletops

If you’re feeling creative, there are lots of different things you can use in place of an actual coffee table, but did you ever think a surfboard would look this good? Hands Over Timber is an Etsy shop that sells them in different colors and shapes of wood. Their long and narrow frames make them perfect for mounting on four legs and placing in front of the sofa.

surboard coffee table 11
Design by: Hands Over Timber on Etsy
surfboard coffee table 19
Retro fish-shaped surfboard by Hands Over Timber on Etsy
surfboard coffee table 12
Diamond tail surfboard coffee table by Hands Over Timber on Etsy

Surfing on Ceilings

Hanging a surfboard on a wall makes sense, but you don’t have to stop there! Why not attach one to your ceiling? You have to get a look at this gorgeous (and very unique) light fixture made from a wooden surfboard featured on BHG. What a creative idea! Likewise, securing a surfboard or two to an empty spot on your ceiling that could use a bit of color is another great way to draw the eyes upward and add an interesting focal point to the room.

surboard ceiling lights 14
Wooden surfboard-inspired light fixture design
surboarc ceiling art 15
Colorful surfboards on ceiling featured by Home Joy
surfboard ceiling art 17
Surfboard-inspired home office featured on Apartment Therapy

Who wants to go surfing now? Or at least shopping for great looking surfboards? I think I could do both!

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