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1 Hotel South Beach: Miami’s Latest Luxury Retreat with Dramatic Views of the Atlantic

Think of Miami and the mind automatically conjures up images of white sandy beaches, plenty of sunshine, never-ending parties and a world of luxury draped in glitz and glamour. Nestled on 600 feet of pristine beachfront property and overlooking the majestic Atlantic, the gorgeous and relaxing 1 Hotel South Beach is the latest jewel in the glittering lineup of luxury retreats that the city has to offer. Offering 426 guest rooms that feature unabated views of the coastline, the ocean and the sparkling skyline of Downtown Miami, this is an opulent escape that combines tranquility and rejuvenation with a hip, happening lifestyle.

Outdoor swimming pool that overlooks the Atlantic Ocean

Guests arriving at the 1 Hotel South Beach have an array of 84 studio suites and 1 spectacular oceanfront presidential suite to pick from. Designed by Meyer Davis Studio Inc., the interiors reflect the landscape outside with a neutral color scheme that relies heavily on white beach-inspired themes and hues, along with pops of elegant blue that complement the vast ocean just outside. Features such as the lobby lounge bar, poolside restaurant and a signature hotel restaurant with dreamy ambiance ensure that your stay here is enhanced by world-class cuisine and a dash of intoxicating Miami goodness!

Relaxing oceanfront lounge of the 1 Hotel South Beach

Awesome interiors of the hotel offer unabated ocean views

Elegant interiors of the 1 Hotel South Beach with a relaxing beach vibe

Lovely wooden textures bring organic beauty to the hotel interior

Pristine white drapes allow you to switch between ocean views and complete privacy

Use of natural materials and a cool color tone adds to the ambiance of the Miami Hotel

View of the Atlantic from 1 Hotel South Beach

Unique wooden headboard creates a lovely focal point

Beach style interiors of the room complement the setting outside

While a stay here soaking in the sun and taking in the sights and sounds outside might be enough to leave you rejuvenated, there is also a full-service wellness center & spa that will aid in speeding up the healing process. Beautiful, soothing and classy, this is the perfect base from which you can explore the many scintillating delights of Miami.

Dazzling lighting elevates the ambiance inside the 1 Hotel South Beach

Small workspace with organic wooden desk

Sitting area of the 1 Hotel South Beach with a classy backdrop

Luxurious interiors of the chic Miami Hotel next to the Atlantic

Custom interiors of the hotel with creative design

Beautiful dining area with a smart table that becomes the focal point

Beachfront hotel in Miami with serene ambiance

A hint of greenery at the 1 Hotel South Beach

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