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Tree Bench Ideas for Added Outdoor Seating

There’s nothing like a tree bench that invites you to have a seat and enjoy a quiet reflective moment in nature! If you thought these benches required a custom building and assembly job, think again. While hiring a professional to create the tree bench of your dreams is an option, as is taking a DIY approach, you can also purchase a tree bench online and easily put it together once it’s conveniently shipped to your home. Here are some of the most popular and interesting designs on the market…

Round Tree Benches

A tree trunk is round, so it makes sense that many a tree bench would be round as well! This tree bench with a view is the perfect deck embellishment. The slats of the bench mirror the slats of the modern railing. [photo from Universal Developing]

Circular tree bench with a view

This Forever Tree Bench from Forever Redwood has a handy back so you have a support to lean on while you’re daydreaming! Finely sanded redwood is the material of choice, and weather-resistant sealant ensures that this piece holds up in the elements:

Circular redwood tree bench from Forever Redwood

This Windsor Tree Bench from Benches.co.uk is packed with personality. A circular cutout design along the back support creates a Midcentury feel, and planks of wood create ray-like formations out from the center of the bench. Absolutely lovely!

Round tree bench with circular cutouts

There’s nothing like an arm railing to designate personal space, especially if the bench is a fixture in a public setting. Once again, we see fine redwood, this time on the Luna Tree Bench from Forever Redwood. Note that this bench is available in three standard sizes up to 10 feet in diameter, and it can comfortably seat 12!

Luna tree bench from Forever Redwood

Hexagonal Tree Benches

Round is fabulous, but add some angles, and you get shapes that span the hexagon and beyond! This deck tree bench creates a clean-lined statement. [photo from Cairn Construction, Inc.]

Tree bench on a wooden deck

Tree benches are found on wooden decks, green lawns and stone patios! This grey-toned bench has a modern look that can’t be denied. [from via San Jose Water Company]

Grey hexagonal tree bench

The tree bench below is a true focal point in this graveled garden filled with treasures. Note how the warm tone of the bench matches the warm glow of the garden’s brick trim. [photo from Grace Design Associates]

Hexagonal tree bench in a graveled yard

Next we see the Coral Coast Fillmore Wood Outdoor Hexagonal Tree Bench from Hayneedle, which provides back support and adds golden tones to the yard, thanks to its weather-resistant cedar construction:

Wooden tree bench from Hayneedle

With a similar look, the Tree Hugger Bench from Brookstone adds wrap-around style to your tree of choice. Also like the bench above, this selection can be yours for around $229.

Brookstone hexagonal tree bench

Creative Solutions

We end today’s post by taking a look at tree benches that defy expectation. For a unique look, skip the wrap-around approach and opt for an L-shaped bench, as shown in the modern yard below. [photo from Koch Architects, Inc.]

Modern L-shaped tree bench

Or go with a half-circle for a change, especially if wrapping the bench all the way around the tree isn’t an option. In the next image, we see the Miramar Tree Bench from Forever Redwood, available in three standard sizes:

Semicircle tree bench from Forever Redwood

Aren’t these recycled garden art ideas from BHG fabulous?! On the left (below), we see a painted tree bench, with each plank drenched in a different shade. On the right is a mosaic circle with a floral design!

Recycled garden art tree benches featured at BHG

Sleek and modern is the look and feel of the square tree bench below, which mimics the shape of the colorful square ottomans that pepper the modern yard that it calls home. [photo from Eric Brandon Gomez]

Modern square tree bench

No tree is too skinny for a bench! For a dramatic effect, leave a small opening at the center of your bench. Modern and fabulous, don’t you think?! [photo from Design, Development & Building]

Square bench around a thin tree

Or leave an extra large opening at the center of your bench and fill it with soil and mulch to create a flower bed. Why not make the most of the space?! [from Indulgy via Pinterest]

Flower bed tree bench

This unusual tree bench is more like a deck lounger. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that! Eye-catching cushions complete the laid-back look. [photo by John Narvali for Sealy Design Inc.]

Loungey tree bench on a beautiful patio

Last but not least, we showcase a couple of creative seating solutions from Mono Goen, which have the power to transform your indoor space. All you need is a potted plant or two! Whether you’re looking for a bench approach, or you’re searching for a table and chair solution, there’s an option to meet your seating needs with flair!

Creative seating from Mono Goen

What’s your preferred tree bench option? A round or hexagonal wrap-around bench? Or maybe something more unusual? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

Kate Simmons is a freelance writer and design blogger with a love of all things decor. She spent her childhood writing stories and working on interior design-themed DIY projects. Kate’s published writing reflects her special interest in how design has changed through the decades. Her blog Mirror80 ( http://mirror80.com/) explores the fashion and [...]

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