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New Decor Arrivals with Modern Bohemian Style

While technically we’re not even halfway through summer, the new fall arrivals are starting to make their appearance in stores and online shops. We at Decoist love nothing more than highlighting the trends that are making a splash, and today is no exception! Below you will find a collection of new decor items with modern Bohemian style. Get ready for Boho staples such as earthy textures and eye-catching patterns coupled with clean-lined accents. It’s a look that’s both contemporary and lived in. Enjoy…

Modern Bohemian Finds from CB2

We’re pretty smitten with CB2‘s new fall arrivals! There’s a distinct Bohemian vibe, but with a modern twist, thanks to an abundance of clean lines. Below we see a range of new finds, including the Boho Daybed:

Modern Boho finds from CB2

A modern rug with Boho style can tie the room together, especially when geo accents are involved. In the next image we see a range of offerings, including the Building Blocks Rug (shown on the wall):

Boho rugs from CB2

Isn’t the room below succulent-fabulous?! Glass terrariums and modern planters are staples of today’s take on Boho style, and so is a good patterned pillow. Check out the Boiled Wool Diamonds 18″ Pillow on the chair below, the work of Brooklyn-based designer Philip Sachs:

Wool Bohemian pillow from CB2

And what’s a modern Boho room without a wall hanging that makes a statement? The Woven Wall Decor on the white wall in the next image is created by skilled Delhi weavers. It’s a retro-modern statement in greys and whites! And of course, plenty of fringe.

Modern room featuring a Boho wall hanging

Soft textiles are Boho-perfect, but let’s not forget about earthy materials. In fact, this Nest Rattan Coffee Table is crafted from rattan wicker with an iron powdercoated metal frame. Looks great alone or in a pair!

Rattan coffee table from CB2

The Fray Pendant Light adds a Boho touch to the modern dining room below. It’s a big dose of earthy style and sculptural flair, thanks to the talents of Filipino artists.

Modern Boho dining room from CB2

Let’s not forget about the plants! Houseplants are back with a vengeance, and they create a big impact in Boho modern interiors. Below we see a slew of them, including the taupe Roz Planter, which holds a long-leafed fern:

Modern planters from CB2

Modern Boho Rugs from Baba Souk

Nothing sets the tone of a Modern Boho space like an eye-catching rug. And the new arrivals from Baba Souk are as colorful as they are brilliantly patterned. Below we see the Neon Gems Boucherouite Rug, a multicolored wonder created from dyed recycled textiles:

Neon Boho rug from Baba Souk

Earthy tones are great for Bohemian interiors, but don’t shy away from hues such as pink (and even purple)! Next up is the Boucherouite Rug in Pink Dream, which showcases a range of colors, including mustard and peach. Bring on the whimsy!

Modern Boho rug from Baba Souk

You didn’t think we were done with the neon, did you? Say hello to the Neon Argyles Azilal Rug, handpicked from the souk market in Marrakesh and handmade from virgin wool by Berber women from the Atlas Mountains. Why resist the addition of a one-of-a-kind work of art to your modern Boho interior?!

Neon argyle rug from Baba Souk

Boho Finds from Urban Outfitters

When it comes to Boho style, nobody puts a youthful spin on the look quite like Urban Outfitters. And with dorm decorating right around the corner for college students, UO has unleashed a fabulous selection of new modern Bohemian finds. Hint: you don’t have to be a college student to enjoy this decor! Put a sleek spin on your Boho interior with the Maddox Leather Sling Chair, crafted from soft leather and a metal frame.

Leather sling chair from Urban Outfitters

We’re loving how mid-century elements are being introduced to modern Boho rooms; the look is seamless. Below we see the Bean Side Table, with its mid-century-inspired design. Check out those tapered legs!

Midcentury-style side table from Urban Outfitters

Wall art is a powerful thing! And these days, some of the most popular wall art selections involve plants. The pink-hued artwork in the trio below is the Wilder California Tropical Palm Art Print from California-based printer Wilder California. Add a touch of tropical style to your home:

Wall art from Urban Outfitters

Check out this metallic twist on the popular yarn wall hanging! There’s nothing like a little bit of fringe, especially when chainmail is involved! Say hello to the Fringe Wall Hanging:

Metal wall hanging from Urban Outfitters

Yes, you can even bring Boho style to the powder room. The 4040 Locust Wyatt Space Dyed Shower Curtain is gauzy and striped, featuring a woven pattern and yes, more fringe:

Striped Boho modern shower curtain from Urban Outfitters

We end with a couple of items that celebrate the modern power of glass and metal. First up: the Magical Thinking Peaks Shelf, which features a geometric design that’s ideal for holding books, plants and more:

Modern glass and metal shelf from Urban Outfitters

Speaking of plants, the Magical Thinking Smoked Glass Terrarium can hold the best of them, and we imagine many of these little gems are currently holding succulents in many a Boho modern interior. Crystals are optional.

Smoked glass terrarium from Urban Outfitters

Did any of the Boho modern finds above catch your eye? Tell us about your favorites by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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