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Lavish House Sar Dazzles with Elegant Indoor-Outdoor Interplay

Opening up a home with limited views and ventilation to the world outside and giving it an entirely new, cheerful ambiance is a task that requires both skill and imagination. Located in the lovely suburb of Athol, Johannesburg, House Sar designed by Werner van der Meulen brings together an air of contemporary luxury and exclusivity. The house has many of the trademark features that one comes to expect from a Nico van der Meulen Architects creation, as high-end plush decor, a neutral interior with textural beauty and a dramatic exterior welcome you into a world of opulence.

Street facade of the House Sar offers complete privacy

An intricate framework of steel columns and beams greets you at the entrance, even as the street façade in dark gray offers complete privacy. Four carefully concealed garages lead the way to the entrance hall and the spacious living zone. Ensuring that every room of the house is flooded with adequate natural light, raised passage roofs and an indoor atrium transform the atmosphere of the large living area. The double-volume living spaces also benefit from the use of large sliding glass doors, which not only connect the interior with the garden outside, but also bring in additional light. It is this seamless connectivity between both zones that defines the overall design of House Sar.

Framework of steel columns and beams define the entrance of the house

Entrance hall of the stylish Johannesburg home

Elegant living space uses decor in neutral hues

Stacked woodpile acts as an artistic addition in the living area

Monochromatic interior relies on texture to usher in contrast

Fabulous contemporary kitchen in varying shades of gray

Design of the South African home lets in ample natural light

Beautiful lighting gives the living area a warm, cozy glow

Elegant porch next to teh kitchen connects the interior and the outdoors

Sliding glass doors connect the living space with the garden outside

Smart porch extends the living space outside

An open plan kitchen, dining area, lounge, family room and a porch allow for a flawless transition between the living space and the backyard. Complete with a cool water feature, refreshing pool and tranquil gardens, the outdoor area becomes a natural extension of the interior and is even accessible directly from the luxurious bedrooms. Walls with varied texture, brilliant lighting and top-notch furniture from M Square Lifestyle Necessities complete this captivating South African home.

Brilliant lighting and smart use of glass define the architectural features

Swimming pool and the outdoor garden of House Sar

Gorgeous water feature of the stylish contemporary house

Beautiful water feature and pool bring an air of tranquility to the garden

Kids' bedroom with a race car bed

Elegant use of purple in the cozy bedroom

Pops of purple enliven the cool, contemporary bathroom

Brilliant illuminated wall for the modern bedroom

Custom illuminated wall behind the headboard defines the mood of the bedroom

Innovative bedside lighting for a trendy modern look

Creative way to decorate the bedside table

Bathroom in neutral hues has a soothing, natural vibe

Master bathroom that is connected with the walk-in closet

Wooden slats fliter the light coming through into the bathroom

Chic bathroom design that opens up towards the backyard

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