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How a Custom Timber Screen Transformed This Melbourne Home

Creating a seamless interaction between the interior, the studio garage space and the lovely yard outside, this relaxed home in the suburb of St Kilda, Melbourne is truly one-of-a-kind. The breezy bungalow reflects the personality of its owners and their active urban lifestyle that is all about outdoor living and greater interaction between family members. Designed by MAKE, the interior showcases a blend of urbane contemporary style and laidback playfulness even as the ingenious blend of concrete and timber bring in both visual and textural contrast.

Elegant MAKE House with an exclusive and custom wooden panel

The most distinct feature of this Aussie home is the custom-crafted timber screen on the top level that seems to sit effortlessly over the concrete base below and gives an almost ‘sculptural’ appeal to the entire residence. The timber feature allows the homeowners to take in the distant views from the master bedroom while offering ample privacy. Its beautiful design instantly adds both warmth and intrigue and creates a grand focal point. On the lower level, it is concrete that offers an unassuming backdrop for the open plan living area, kitchen and dining room that open up towards the landscape outside.

Unique wood and concrete exterior of the contemporary Melbourne home

Exterior of the MAKE House in Melbourne with a lovely yard

Classic Butterfly chair brings Midcentury vibe to the contemporary sitting space

Dining and kitchen of the MAKE House with a casual vibe

Large glass windows connect the interior with the landscape outside

Open plan lower level of the Melbourne home

Dark kitchen backdrop lets the bright yellow pendant shine through

Black kitchen idea with tiled backsplash and a chalkboard wall

Brick wall adds a unique visual to the dining space

Large glass windows and doors make the transition between the interior and the exterior possible, while the small outdoor living zone and fireplace create a stylish hangout. White, gray and black dominate the color palette indoors, with bright pops of yellow and green sparingly used to usher in a hint of excitement. Creative and casual, this is a home that is without a doubt all about its distinctive timber feature! [Photography: Peter Bennetts]

Staicase design brings a sense of minimalism to the modern home

Ingenious organizational idea for the small modern home

Top level bedroom with custom timber screen

Closer look at the timber screen of the top level that offers both privacy and views

A splash of brilliant yellow for the contemporary bathroom

Concrete exterior of the modern home with a smart fireplace

Outdoor spaces seamlessly connected with the interior in this cool Melbourne home

Floor plan of the contemporary MAKE House in Melbourne

Sherry Nothingam
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