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30 Unassumingly Chic Farmhouse-Style Dining Rooms

We are absolutely positive that current interior design trends are slowly inching towards styles that firmly bring back a soothing and simple ‘old world charm’ into modern settings. It seems both homeowners and designers are a touch tired of the glossy, contemporary look, and the result is a turn towards styles such as industrial, vintage and rustic, which bring back memories of an era gone by. Another decorating style that captures this trend perfectly is ‘farmhouse’, with its lovely blend of contrasting natural textures and a relaxing vibe.

Breezy dining room seems perfect for summer and fall [Design: Historical Concepts]

Today we take a look at some of the best farmhouse-style dining rooms around, and each one will surely inspire you in bringing unpretentious simplicity, functionality and inviting warmth to your own dining space. While some strictly reflect the classic country cottage style, others bring the farmhouse look to more modern spaces and blend in diverse elements to produce stunning results. Take a look and you will soon be searching for more excuses to turn towards farmhouse style as well!

Make a Statement!

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the dining room? The dining table and the chairs of course! It is essential that you let the table set the style and mood for the rest of the room, and in the case of a farmhouse-style dining space, a classic wooden table is the obvious choice. Think of those simple farm tables or even upcycled pieces crafted from reclaimed wood that are not too ornate. Simplicity is the key here, and once you have the table picked, you can mix and match the seating around it to create a truly exceptional and distinct dining room.

Replace the traditional chairs with wooden benches in the dining room [Design: VSP Interiors]
Potting table turned into dining table in the fabulous dining space [Design: Lisa Teague Design Studios]
Small dining room with a flood of natural light [Design: Catherine Macfee Interior Design]
Wood brings inviting warmth to the farmhouse kitchen [Design: Sarah Finney Interiors]
Dining table chairs add a splash of blue to the dreamy setting [Design: Karen B Wolf Interiors]

Breezy and Beautiful

One of the advantages of turning to farmhouse style is that it seems to adapt to changing seasons and trends with minimal tweaks. Since summer is all but here and you will soon be planning for fall festivities as well, keep things cheerful and bright with a neutral color scheme and decor in natural materials. Wicker, bamboo and wooden surfaces in light grain are absolutely ideal for shaping this chic farmhouse dining space.

Natural woven wooden shades in the chic farmhouse dining room [Design: Milk & Honey Home Design / Renew Properties]
Keeping the dining room design simple and uncomplicated [Design: Ejay Interiors]
Turn the dining room into an inviting social zone [Design: French & French Interiors]
Perfect fireplace for the farmhouse style interior [Design: Van Ellen + Sheryn Architects]

Keeping It Unique!

When it comes to farmhouse style, try to be a bit more imaginative than normal and do not paint by numbers. Add unique decorative pieces and accessories that might remind you of your childhood without disturbing the theme of the room. A gallery wall with artwork crafted at home, a few woven baskets, antique stoneware pieces or even the latest flea market find that you uncovered; give your dining room a personality of its own that will charm your friends and guests.

A world of baskets in the dining room! [Design: Lake Winnipesaukee Real Estate]
Beautiful gallery wall brings color to the relaxed dining room [Design: Verge Painting & Siding]
Mirror visually enhances the space of the dining room [Design: Inspired Design]
Elegant Farmhouse style seems perfect for holiday festivities and fall parties! [Design: Susie Watson Designs]

Natural and Modest Lighting

Think simple when lighting the farmhouse dining room and opt for fixtures such as candle lanterns, which fit into the theme perfectly. Lighting is key when it comes to elevating the appeal of your country cottage dining space, and as always, it is a sensible balance between natural and artificial lighting that works best. Make sure that the pendant or chandelier you pick steals the show as a standalone addition while adding to the aura of the room.

Dining table in heavy wood and a birdcage pendant give this dining room distinct personality [Design: wengerkois architecture + design]
All-white dining room delivers a tranquil French Country look [Design: Catherine Sandin]
Farmhouse style dining room with high ceiling and glass windows [Design: MSA Architecture + Interiors]
Get the lighting right in your cheerful dining room [Design: Nastasi Vail Design]
Use of natural materials for the dining table and chairs add to the Farmhouse style [Design: Jute Interior Design]
Oversized lighting fixtures in the dining room [Design: McAlpine Tankersley Architecture]

Vintage Cabinets and Sideboards

What is a farmhouse dining room without one of those vintage cabinets or buffets in the backdrop that truly sets the mood in the room?! Pick a sideboard crafted in wood or a lovely hutch that lets you display your chinaware proudly without disturbing the style of the room. Use some color to let it shine through, and even if you do not have a truly classic piece, try giving it an aged look with a clever custom paint job.

Display your china in style in the dining room [Photography: Tess Fine]
Combine the kitchen and the dining room [Photography: Jonathan Gooch]
Lovely use of books to decorate the farmhouse dining room [Design: David Nelson & Associates]

Doorway to Simplicity

Sliding barn doors have become so popular in recent times that they can be found in rooms with styles ranging from modern minimal to Victorian and industrial. So what better way to shape the entrance of your revamped dining room than by adding one of these sliding wooden delights! If the barn door seems like a choice that is too rustic or visually unappealing, then try out those timeless French doors that give the dining space an airy and stress-free ambiance.

Contemporary farmhouse style shapes the formal dining room [Design: Olsen Studios]
Sliding barn door and brilliant lighting steal the show in this dining room [Design: Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors]
Sliding doors and glittering chandeliers transform the cool dining room [Design: Inson Dubois Wood]
Windows and doors in the backdrop fit into the casual farmhouse style [Design: Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam]

A Hint of Industrial Flair

Exposed concrete, steel and brick walls meet warm wooden surfaces and the comfy mood of the farmhouse style inside these amazing dining rooms with a dash of industrial goodness. Both styles revel in simplicity and practicality, and that definitely makes it a lot easier to effortlessly bring them together. An exciting way to combine two hot decorating trends…

Drape your farmhouse style kitchen in color [Photography: Eric Toussaint Photographe]
Spacious dining room combines industrial and farmhouse styles elegantly [Design: Grange Furniture NY]
Concrete walls bring unassuming industrial simplicity to the farmhouse setting [Design: Jute Interior Design]

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