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Crystal Living and Kitchen: Glossy Designs Display Inspired Silkscreen Printing!

What happens when art meets high-end precision and world class design? We have our answer with the Crystal Collection of living rooms and kitchens that not only blur the line between both spaces, but also bring a sense of excitement and intrigue to modern interiors. If you are bored with mundane contemporary interior design, then Crystal by Scavolini is indeed the solution. Designed by Vuesse, some of the models in the series come with the Karikon door created by Karim Rashid, which ends up turning Crystal into a unique masterpiece.

Crystal blurs the line between the living space and the kitchen

Using gorgeous silkscreen printing, it is the doors of the cabinets in the living room and the kitchen that steal the show in this inspiring series. While the aesthetics and ergonomics still remain staunchly contemporary, these snazzy doors along with glittering glass surfaces and crisp finishes give each composition a hint of cheerful playfulness. Some seem like works of graffiti or pop art translated into a sophisticated indoor setting, while others simply use bold, bright colors such as red, orange and yellow to usher in some liveliness. No matter what style, design and finish you pick, you can rest assured that Crystal will change your home forever!

Crystal kitchen that is part of Karim Rashid’s Karikon project

Anthracite grey brings sophistication to the Crystal kitchen

Elegant and modern appeal of the Crystal kitchen

Fabulous use of orange throughout the kitchen and in the living space

Graphic motifs and colors bring the kitchen alive

Fun patterns give the living room a hint of plyafulness

Apart from the 14 invigorating color choices for the cabinet doors, there is the option of adding the custom-crafted Karikon doors with a push-pull opening. But do not be caught up in the glittering elegance alone, as each of these living room and kitchen compositions offers state-of-the-art layout solutions, which will make the best use of available space. A stunning series with plenty of personality and panache!

Living room shelves offer a striking visual effect

Pattern used for kitchen shelves can easily be translated to the living room

Leaf gold doors and glossy glass surfaces transform the mundane kitchen into a masterpiece

Exquisite use of hot red in the kitchen

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