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Eclectic Home in Venice Invites You into a World of Intriguing Art

Few cities in the world match the romantic beauty and timeless elegance of Venice and its renowned waterways. Located on the famous Grand Canal is the unique and charming La Casa del Tempo designed by Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design, and the residence combines Venetian charm with a touch of eclectic brilliance. Filled with colorful contemporary artwork and an amazing collection of exciting accessories, the beautiful home welcomes you into a world of color, creativity and astonishment. The interior of the home stays true to its historic roots while adding several layers of delightful modern design on top!

Eclectic La Casa del Tempo located on Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

The small living space and sitting area set the mood, as the walls of the rooms are covered with amazing, bright artwork that grabs your attention instantly. In fact, you almost tend to overlook the presence of the unassuming decor, and the existing wooden beams add a fascinating twist to the entire area. While most modern homeowners tend to prefer a more gallery-style display for their curated art collection, this is the case of using artwork to set the mood for a cheerful and eclectic home where every little detail surprises and enthralls you.

Curated collection of art define and shpe the lovely living area

Decor in neutral hues lets the art additions shine through

Sitting area with colorful throw pillows and equally captivating wall art

Wonderful use of black and gold inside the eclectic Venice home

Sculptural 3D art addition defines the dining room

Another feature of the home is the way in which black is used throughout to give the small rooms a sophisticated look. A stylish dining room with a captivating backdrop, bedrooms that offer a view of the lovely Grand Canal through their framed windows, a walk-in closet, a small home office and a modern bathroom follow the color scheme and design template set by the living area. Moving away from the mundane and capturing the spirit of Venice and its rich past to perfection, La Casa del Tempo is truly one-of-a-kind!

Wall art steals the show in the small, dark home office

Chic modern bedroom with a relaxed, eclectic style

Chaise lounge brings comfort to the dressing area

Floor plan of La Casa del Tempo by Claudia Pelizzari Interior Design in Venice, Italy

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