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Artistic Kitchens: 10 Ideas for Unique Kitchen Renovations

Are you searching for unique kitchen renovation ideas? Today’s featured culinary spaces are as artistic as they are functional. At times the artistry is from the materials themselves, while at other times, the creativity comes from the process. Because sometimes you have to get creative in order to redo a kitchen on a budget! From colorful spaces to little flourishes, the kitchen renovations below are packed with ideas to help you plan your very own kitchen remodel. Enjoy…

Colorful Renovations

Our first batch of kitchen renovations features the bold use of color. This kitchen redo from A Beautiful Mess is the result of clever, strategic choices, such as removing the upper cabinets and installing open shelving, replacing dark wood paneling with white subway tile, and creating DIY concrete countertops. This is just the tip of the iceberg, folks, so be sure to follow the link for a full renovation update!

A Beautiful Mess studio kitchen renovation

There’s something about A Beautiful Mess bloggers and kitchen renovations! Laura Gummerman’s kitchen revamp is the epitome of artistic design, right down to the kitty gallery wall over the sink (and don’t get us started on that cheetah wall mural in the dining room)! White and mint paint do wonders for a refresh, as does a flooring replacement. View more details (including before and after shots) at A Beautiful Mess:

Kitchen and dining room renovation in the home of Laura Gummerman

This next kitchen makeover from the studio of Oh Happy Day is extra vibrant, not only because of the green and yellow color combination, but because this space is not a full kitchen. It goes to show you how a Smeg refrigerator and a marble counter can create the perfect “kitchen”/lounge area in your place of work. Add white subway tile and a checkered floor, and you’re set!

Oh Happy Day studio kitchen renovation

Black and White

Color is a popular kitchen element, but even more popular today is the use of light and dark to create airy spaces filled with powerful contrast. We spotlight the kitchen renovation talents of A Beautiful Mess one final time by visiting the kitchen of blogger Mandi Johnson, who traded green walls and wood-toned cabinetry for white walls with black-painted cabinets. Countless creative touches abound! Mandi breaks it all down with helpful hints on remodeling strategies, as well as practical tips on how to live in your home while renovating it yourself. See more at A Beautiful Mess:

Kitchen renovation of A Beautiful Mess blogger Mandi Johnson

There are many artistic ways to renovate a kitchen, but sometimes the true artistry comes from finding creative strategies that help you to afford the kitchen remodel in the first place! You may have to take it step-by-step and know where to look for bargains. White House Black Shutters spells it all out for us, revealing how their kitchen went from dark wood paneling and avocado appliances to this chic black and white space, one step at a time:

Kitchen renovation from White House Black Shutters

Deep navy cabinets put a delightfully unexpected spin on dark/light contrast in this kitchen renovation from Chris Loves Julia. Once again, we see the power of open shelving, this time in metal. Modern lighting is the icing on the cake. Check out the link for sources and details on this wonderfully modern kitchen:

Kitchen renovation from Chris Loves Julia

Special Touches

Since today’s post is about kitchen renovations with artistic flair, we thought we’d devote a few minutes to the special touches and eye-catching flourishes that take a kitchen renovation to another level—an artistic one. This cabin kitchen from Smitten Studio creatively utilizes open shelving through the display of unique items in white, metal and wood. See before photos of the kitchen here and enjoy views of the renovated space in this post.

Kitchen renovation from Smitten Studio

Here’s another renovated space from Smitten Studio, which also showcases the use of metal and wood. Rather than traditional forms and silver tones, we see brassy and copper accents, as well as cutting boards in unconventional shapes. Mint cabinetry completes the look. [via Domaine]

Special touches in a kitchen renovation from Smitten Studio

We’ve shined the spotlight on this renovated kitchen from the Camille Styles studio in previous posts, yet we can’t help but turn our attention back to this space once more as we admire interesting design choices such as a marble backsplash, organic forms in wood, plenty of plants, and a beaker vase on the counter:

The marble kitchen of the Camille Styles studio
The marble kitchen of the Camille Styles studio

We end with the renovated kitchen of Athena Calderone‘s Amagansett home, which features an abundance of reclaimed barn wood. Yet modern and industrial accents are a nice counterpart to the rustic warmth of the wood, making the space perfectly balanced:

Color. Contrast. Hard work and strategic planning. Little creative touches. All of these elements are involved in an artistic kitchen renovation! Did today’s featured spaces empower you to take the renovation plunge?!…

Kate Simmons

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