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25 Sparkling Ways of Adding a Chandelier to Your Dream Bathroom

The last decade has seen a revitalization of sorts in bathroom design, as homeowners are now placing more and more importance on a serene and stylish bathroom that goes beyond the bare minimum. Changed lifestyles and a necessity to create a relaxing, spa-style hub right at home are probably the biggest reasons for the distinct shift. Bathrooms today are far more grand, luxurious and innovative. With freestanding bathtubs and sensational glass shower areas defining contemporary bathrooms, why not take the image of opulence a step further by adding a dazzling chandelier?!

Mediterranean style bathroom with ocean view [Design: Ancient Surfaces]

The bathroom is not a place where you expect to come across a chandelier that will instantly grab your attention. It is this ‘surprise factor’ that makes the chandelier in the bathroom an even more perfect addition. Sure, it takes a bit more care to add a chandelier to the bathroom than the boring old can light, but it is well worth the extra effort. And here are 25 brilliant inspirations that tell you how you can do the same in a scintillating manner.

Cascading Beauty!

In the glittering world of chandeliers, those delicate, cascading designs that seem to precariously float in mid-air are the absolute kings! Cascading chandeliers have topped the trend charts in the recent past, and adding one to your stunning master bathroom could well be the perfect way to complete it. But adding a chandelier to the bathroom involves much more than mere aesthetics. Experts suggest that the chandelier must be at least 8 feet above the bathtub and preferably three feet away from it. Of course, with the right ventilation and proper control of humidity, these conditions can be altered to your liking.

Cascading chandelier above the bathtub steals the show [Photography: Mark Pinkerton vi360]
Shower area and hot tub allow you to enjoy the view outside [Design: Vineyard Developments]
A chandelier with floating bubbles seems apt for the trendy, contemporary bathroom [From: Kurt Johnson Photography]

Many designers seem to prefer placing a cascading chandelier right above the bathtub. Make sure that the chandelier can take the humidity and the ceilings are high enough to be able to pull off this look. If you are looking for an ideal cascading chandelier for your bathroom, then a light fixture like the lovely Possini Euro Floating Bubble Light is a great choice indeed.

Beautiful cascading chandelier enlivens the contemporary bathroom [Design: W.A. Bentz Construction]
Refined, spa-styled home bathroom employs black elegantly [Design: PROjECT interiors + Aimee Wertepny]
Uncomplicated bathroom design keeps things simple and clean [Design: Beinfield Architecture]
Unique gray ceiling lets the chandelier shine through [Design: Susan Brunstrum / Sweet Peas Design]
Cool chandelier brings metallic magic to the minimal bathroom [Design: Wood Construction]

Timeless, Tried and Tested

Looking for something far less extravagant and more traditional? The small glass chandelier is a classic that never seems to fail, and it is as much at home in posh, contemporary bathrooms as it is in those with vintage style. The petite glass chandelier also is ideal for those who have small bathrooms and cannot afford the luxury of a cascading chandelier in all its splendor. These beautiful chandeliers work well in compact powder rooms as well, and they couple functionality with form in a tasteful and trendy fashion.

Eclectic bathroom brings together amazing array of textures [Design: Tyrrell and Laing International]
Glamorous chandelier holds its own in this elegant bathroom! [Design: Godrich Interiors]
Elegant chandelier and vintage bathtub shape a dreamy bathroom [Design: Jill Shevlin Design]

The traditional glass chandelier comes in many forms, and often you can even add a hint of color with it. Pick a fixture that not only complements the overall style of the bathroom but also matches the sconce lights that you have next to the mirror above the vanity. If you can pick both the chandelier and the sconces from the same lighting collection, it would be visually perfect indeed!

Sparkling chandelier for the black and white bathroom [Design: Oswald Homes]
Stunning use of silver in the gorgeous bathroom [Design: Heather ODonovan Interior Design]
Vintage French chandelier adds glam to the transitional bathroom [Design: MLM Incorporated]
Small chandelier is perfect for the compact industrial bathroom [Design: Threshold Interiors]
Classic glass chandelier shines in the traditional bathroom [Design: Domiteaux + Baggett Architects]
Add a hint of natural greenery to the modern bathroom [Design: Burnham Design]

Make a Style Statement

Your bathroom chandelier need not play second fiddle to any other fixture in the room. In fact, let it shine through and be the showstopper of the space with its unique design and proper placement. Whether your bathroom style is rustic or industrial, Asian or Victorian, there is a chandelier out there that will actually enhance the theme, instead of just melting away into the backdrop. Also, glass is not the only choice of material, and as you will see in the inspiration below, you can even create a custom piece to add to the ambiance of your dream bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom with cool industrial flair [Design: David Howell Design]
Custom made chandelier in the rustic bathroom moves away from glass! [Design: JLF & Associates / Photography by Kevin Perrenoud]
Farmhouse style bathroom comes with a fireplace and a chandelier [Design: Hart Design And Construction]
Lavish Mediterranean style bathroom with dash of rustic beauty [From: Envision Web Photography]
Contemporary master bath with a corner bathtub [Design: Meister Construction]
Bathroom sconces complement the oversized crystal and shade chandelier [Design: Driggs Designs]
Beach cottage bathroom with yellow claw-foot bathtub and a chandelier [Design: GH3 Enterprises LLC]

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