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Small Attic Apartment in Vilnius Dazzles with Space-Saving Design

In the last few weeks we have seen small apartments that range from those that are as tiny as just 20 square meters in size to an urbane hub in Paris that occupies no more than mere 30sqm. Considering these petite wonders that we have already showcased, this 64sqm attic apartment located in the capital city of Lithuania must seem like a palatial retreat! Vilnius is a city renowned for its beautiful Old Town and its classic architecture that seems to transport you back in time. But this apartment designed by YCL Studio takes a completely different approach with its trendy, contemporary style.

Small modern attic apartment in Vilnius

More than the 670 square feet of space, it is the unique design of the attic apartment and the presence of a slanted roof that pose the real challenge here. Instead of further dividing an already limited space into smaller, congested rooms, the architects opted for an open plan living area and a bedroom that does away with unnecessary partitions. A long corridor leads into the living space, with a sleek kitchen workstation and dining space on one side and the bedroom on the other. A wall with a contemporary two-sided fireplace separates the living area from the bedroom, while a unique ceiling and large windows bring in ample natural light.

Brick wall adds an interesting visual to the modern attic apartment

Sleek kitchen workdstation in white makes smart use of space

View of the long corridor leading to the living area

Collection of shoes displayed with elegance in the living room

Two-sided fireplace serves the living area and the bedroom

Sleek minimal bedroom with a platform bed in white

The use of the iconic Tulip table and chairs for the dining area saves precious foot room even as the trendy kitchen along with its all-white shelf space vanishes into the backdrop. A minimal bedroom adds to the refined ambiance, while a curated collection of shoes on display draws your attention almost instantly. With cabinets that can be tucked away when not needed, smart modern decor and clever features such as the mirrored post, the architects do all they can to ensure that the apartment looks a lot more spacious than it really is.

Photography: Andrius Stepankevicius

Santed ceiling adds a unique appeal to the stunning attic bedroom

View outside the lovely framed windows of the Vilnius attic apartment

Sliding cabinets that vanish into the wall when not needed

Cleverly concealed shelves in the tiny attic apartment that disappear into the walls

Small contemporary bathroom design with plenty of glam

Floor plan of the trendy attic apartment in Vilnius

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