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Ultra-Small Studio Apartment in Stockholm with Smart Scandinavian Design

It is absolutely amazing how a smaller apartment can instantly make your life a lot simpler (if not easier), as it separates the things you love from the unnecessary clutter around you! Located in Högalid, Stockholm, this tiny studio apartment spread across just 20 square meters teaches organization, smart usage of space and clever design that keeps away claustrophobia! Not many among us will be able to turn a 20-sqm space into home, let alone do it with as much elegance and innate simplicity as this beautiful apartment. Combining the living area and the bedroom, every square foot here is absolutely invaluable!

Sleek and cozy modern decor for the small Scandinavian apartment

The apartment we discovered on Fastighetsbyran uses a color scheme that basically does away with any visual fragmentation, as an all-white backdrop along with decor in matching tones enlarges the interior visually. Ample natural ventilation and plenty of greenery give the small living area a refreshing, cheerful allure, while the tiny kitchen in the corner offers a ‘barely sufficient’ workstation. Luxury and privacy are not really comforts the apartment can afford, and there are absolutely no unnecessary partitions here at all. It is only the compact bathroom clad in blue and white tiles that is separated from this one-room setting, even as the entry provides additional storage space.

Small living area of the apartment in white with ample natural light

Smart use of space gives the small apartment an airy appeal

Unique floor plan combines the bedroom with the living

All-white living space with decor also in white

Candles give the interior a cozy ambiance

Ingenious corner kitchen makes wonderful use of small space

Interesting way to turn the window sill into a smart shelf!

Natural greenery adds color to the interior

Scandinavian at every turn, the apartment still has plenty of warmth about it and is not unnecessarily minimal in its design. With a closet in glossy white, a white refrigerator, a bed, and couch in a matching hue, there is really very little here that moves away from the theme. Open shelves in the kitchen and the tiled backsplash offer some contrast, and while this is no-dream home, the apartment does showcase how even the tiniest of spaces can be turned into a perfectly acceptable and smart hangout.

Tiny kitchen idea for the small Scandinavian home

Open shelves in the tiny kitchen with small workstation

Stylish modern closet idea in white

Small blue and white bathroom idea

Entrance of the apartment gives a glimpse of the color scheme inside

Apartment design with a touch of retro

View of the building that holds the stylish Scandinavian style apartment in Högalid

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