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Stylish Children’s Toys That Can Double as Decor

If you’re a parent, you know how hard it can be to find toys that are classic, kid-friendly and not too obvious when it comes to branding. Children love their favorite movie and television show characters, and it’s these very heroes that kiddos often want to acquire in toy form. From the packaging to the design of the toys, things can get a little over the top in the branding department, making the house look like a toy store rather than a child-friendly space.

Children’s toys from DwellStudio

Today’s post is dedicated to those rare toys that design-loving parents dream of. We’re talking about toys that engage children, activate the imagination, AND are classy enough to put on display at all times. In fact, you might even consider incorporating some of these featured selections into the permanent decor of your child’s room, be it a nursery or a playroom. Ready to see more?… [photo above from DwellStudio]

Design-Fabulous Blocks

Children love building blocks, and so do parents who appreciate modern design! DwellStudio’s Skyline Creative Play Set adds a city vibe to the classic building block concept. The best part: you can combine these with other blocks to expand the colorful, geometric possibilities. You can see the skyline-themed play set on the top shelf in the photo at the top of the post, as well as on the Midcentury-style shelf below:

Skyline blocks from DwellStudio

ferm LIVING’s House Blocks combine Scandinavian style with retro-modern motifs, making them super stylish. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised if many adults ordered these blocks to use solely as decor! The blocks are available in blue, rose and grey. Below we see all three varieties:

Stylish blocks from ferm LIVING

We’re crazy about the colorful block selections from The Land of Nod. This Bucket O’ Blocks Set includes 102 blocks in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes, and the sheer array of options can’t help but spark the imagination! Plus, the vibrant simplicity of this collection means parents may not mind if the blocks end up in the living room, as they often do!

Building blocks from The Land of Nod

In the next image, we see two more selections from The Land of Nod, including the geo-fabulous Color Blocks (below, right), which you can use as sculptural modern ornaments when your children get tired of playing with them! If you’re curious about the toy on the left, it’s the Cascading Marble Drop. Toy or contemporary art? You decide!

Wooden toys from The Land of Nod

Rainbow Stacker, oh how we love thee! It’s hard to imagine anything more classic. Or colorful. Or strikingly sculptural. In fact, we’re tempted to take this from the kids’ room and put it in the living room. But since it helps develop hand-eye coordination and color identification, we’ll let the children enjoy it…

Stacking blocks from The Land of Nod

Stylish Stuffed Toys

Stuffed toys are universally appealing. Do you really ever outgrow them?! No wonder it’s so much fun to purchase them for our children and relive the cushy, plush magic. It’s hard to use the word “retro” to describe these next featured toys, but in today’s gadget-filled world, children may not always know what items such as a rotary phone looked like! That’s why we’re crazy about this collection from Eric Comstock for The Land of Nod. And we’re partial to the YesterGear Plush TV, shown in the middle of the top row below:

Plush toys from The Land of Nod

This cute Octopus Cushion from ferm LIVING just might inspire the decor for an entire child’s room. Made from 100% cotton filled with polyester, this item is definitely better on display than stashed in a basket of toys.

Octopus cushion from ferm LIVING

Go Big or Go Home

We’ll end today’s post with larger-than-life toys that take the cake in the eyes of a child. And when they’re well designed, they’re proudly showcased treasures rather than eyesores you hope your little one will outgrow. These Hut-Huts from Kalon put a modern spin on the rocking horse concept. Quality, color and beautiful design make them true showpieces. Functional showpieces that your kiddos will love!

Modern rocking horses from Kalon

Is it Buckingham Palace? No, it’s the Royal Palace Dollhouse from Pottery Barn Kids. Yes, the dollhouse has window molding! It’s details like these that make this lovely toy truly enchanting:

Palatial dollhouse from Pottery Barn Kids

We’ll end with Pottery Barn Kids’ Silver Racecar with Black Trim. Once again, the power of classic design is revealed. And what’s not to love about a kid-powered roadster?! It’s truly tempting to display this piece indoors. If you don’t mind your child being tempted to take it for a spontaneous indoor spin…

Silver racecar toy from Pottery Barn Kids

With toys this well designed, you just might decide to keep them on display once your children outgrow them. Do you have any favorites from today’s post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below…

Kate Simmons

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