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Motus: Adaptable Kitchen Compositions That Showcase Trendy Fluidity

The age of the traditional kitchen that is a world in itself, separated from the dining and living rooms by four walls, is quickly becoming a thing of the past. In the era of open plan living areas and social zones that encourage greater interaction between family members, the kitchen is now an extension of the living area. Taking this concept to a whole new level is the Motus Kitchen from Scavolini that creates a symbiotic and organic connectivity between both spaces. We saw the beauty of the Motus Living Room a couple of months ago, and today we have smart kitchen compositions that complement it with panache.

Sensational kitchen in gray with a fabulous island at its heart

Designed by Vittore Niolu, the Motus system is all about offering consumers an endless array of possibilities. Each kitchen can be custom-designed to suit your specific needs, and you can always take away individual components, shelves and cabinets to fit the needs of your changing lifestyle. Space is barely an issue with the Motus, as the awesome ‘Fluida’ system turns even the tiniest corner into an organized and versatile display and storage unit. By using the Fluida as an element that visually connects the kitchen and the living room, the line between both spaces is easily blurred. A dynamic and trendy kitchen for the urbane, modern home!

Stunning kitchen with wooden surfaces and gray has a soothing, contmporary vibe

Steel worktop adds an interesting visual to the contemporary kitchen

Beautiful kitchen and living room comoosition is perfect for small space

Fluida shelf system seperates the kitchen from the living area in a cool fashion

The design of the doors and the absence of handles favor the creation of an elegant and unconventional setting in which the kitchen and living room complement each other to the point that it is difficult to distinguish one from the other.

Fluida wall systems give the kitchen compositional freedom

Motus blurs the line between the kitchen and the living room

Motus kitchen seems like a natural extension of the living space

Multiple open and closed shelves give the kitchen plenty of storage space

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