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Art Deco Inspiration With a Contemporary Flap

Based on streamlined geometric forms and metallic color, the art deco style has flourished in Europe in the early years of the 20th century, following a weaker art nouveau influence.

Art deco was led by fashion and the use of motifs depicting nature. It was one of the most exciting decorative styles of the century, and is one that still influences contemporary geometric designs these days. Without further ado, today we’re going to inspire you with a few art deco interiors.

Art Deco Living Rooms

Elegant art deco living room with purple tinges

by Evelyn Benatar, New York / Photo Credit: Tony Calarco

A stylish, modern way of decorating with art deco in mind is to include just a few touches and not overcrowd the room with geometric elements and the flapper style of the 20s. It’s all about creating discrete look with rich colors or elegant materials with zigzags and sharply angled and cubist forms.

Art deco living room with a golden theme
Contemporary living room with art deco elements

by Hugh Jefferson Randolph Architects

Modern and elegant art deco living room interior

by Scott Neste | Minor Details Interior Design

Art deco inspired living room

by k.sutherland design

Art deco living room with silver couch and blue painting

by Interiors International

Art Deco Dining Areas

Modern art deco dining room with round table and white chairs – Miami Style!

by Imagine Living

A dining room with an art deco feel is just as appealing as our artistic and glamorous living rooms above. It’s all about creating a visual effect where high-gloss metals, black lacquer, exotic woods, leather and mirrors are key focal points. And remember, black and white is not all about retro, it can also be warm and cozy, so you should really consider it for your home if you want to catch the glamor of the period, the electricity and the sporadic nature of modern jazz.

Modern art deco dining room chairs

by Ernesto Garcia Interior Design, LLC

Art deco dining area with elegant furniture

by Kelsie Hornby / photography by Dan Mayers

Modern art deco dining space

by LDa Architecture & Interiors

Dark brown and white dining room with art deco elements

Art Deco Kitchens

Modern art deco kitchen with white furniture

by Mal Corboy Design and Cabinets / Photography: Kallan MacLeod

At first I wasn’t sure that art deco would go well in the kitchen. Our research proved me wrong. There’s a certain appeal to a kitchen with geometric patterns or high gloss cabinets standing on fancy legs, or dark colored kitchens with clean sharp angles , and white and black geometric flooring. The exuberance of stainless steel and highly reflective surfaces certainly won me over.

Luxury art deco kitchen interior design

design by Gicinque

Large kitchen with art deco elements

by Thomas Buckborough & Associates

Art deco kitchen design with dark furniture

Courtesy of HGTV

Modern and functional art deco kitchen renovation

by MeiInteriors

Art Deco Bedrooms

Art deco bedroom design

by Laura U / Photos by Julie Soefer

An art deco bedroom is all about being cozy and warm. Nothing spells inviting as good as a bedroom with a slick and gleaming effect. Sprinkle glass and mirrored pieces throughout your bedroom, go for a highly textured leather-like comfy chair, ix vinyl, add silk and satin for an exquisite tone and think of gold and silver — you just got  the most elegant art deco bedroom to spend the night in style.

Black and white art deco bedroom

courtesy of Sampleboard

Chic bedroom with art deco elements

Courtesy of sladkiyson

Glossy modern art deco bedroom

by Madison Modern Home / Robin deCapua

Art deco bedroom elements

by Rugo/ Raff Ltd. Architects in collaboration with Wells & Fox Architectural Interiors

Beautiful art deco bedroom with cozy feel

by Morgante Wilson Architects / Photo by: Tony Soluri

Elegant art deco bedroom

by Art&deco Hungary

Luxury art deco bedroom design

Courtesy of HiaMAG

Art Deco Bathrooms

Modern art deco bathroom with a fashion flair

by Robert Granoff

For me, an art deco bathroom is all about mixing fashion elements with the functionality of your room. It makes me think of red carpets, dressing tables and photos hung on the walls. It makes me think of sophistication, lustrous lacquer and vintage at the same time. Am I wrong about it? I guess not, these are truly inspiring bathrooms with an art deco feel.

Ultra chic art deco bathroom design

Designed by Debbie Miller. Photo by KuDa Photography

White art deco bathroom with Carrara slab marble

by Erik Johnson and Associates

Dark art deco bathroom design with a chic feel

by Jerry Jacobs Design

Art deco wallpaper for the bathroom

by Atmosphere Interior Design

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