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Old Caviar Warehouse Converted into a Sensational NYC Loft

When we talk of New York City and stylish lofts, the image that often comes to mind is of trendy SoHo-style spaces and gorgeous contemporary hubs that are draped in opulence. But this amazing renovated space in Manhattan’s landmark Tribeca North neighborhood presents an entirely different picture, as ingenious architect Andrew Franz transformed an old caviar warehouse originally built in 1884 into an inviting and unique loft. Embracing the industrial past of the building while ushering in modern elements, the spacious loft spread across 3,000-square-feet sees a fascinating blend of styles and materials.

Caviar warehouse converted into a contemporary loft in New York

A fluid interaction between the interior and the rooftop garden defines the interior court, which is undoubtedly the showstopper of this transformed loft. Bringing in ample natural light and giving the interior a cheerful ambiance, the glassy feature leads to a 150-square-foot retractable skylight that paves the way to the rooftop garden! Occupying the revamped mezzanine level, the amazing feature allows the homeowners to enjoy the night sky even on cold winter nights. On the lower level resides an open plan living area with a stylish modern kitchen and a dining room with vintage overtones, along with additional cozy bedrooms.

Beautiful staircase connects the living area with the mezzanine level

Interior of the loft combines modern and industrial style

Sunken courtyard inside the transformed loft brings in ample light

Brilliant orange cabinet becomes the statement piece in the living area

Vintage funiture and a brick wall backdrop shape the unique dining space

Wooden slats demarcate space even while allowing for visual continuity

Orange backsplash and bold metallic pendants breathe life into the kitchen

The renovation embraces energy-efficiency and sustainability, as its new staircase repurposes timber from its old roof joists and other parts of the loft reuse the old and discarded materials that made up the warehouse. While the large skylight and interior court cut down on the use of artificial lighting during the daytime, gorgeous pendants and chandeliers take over after sunset. A rooftop garden filled with plenty of greenery completes this truly astounding makeover!

Kitchen of the renovated loft with beautiful lighting

Bedrooms connected with the living area offer ample privacy

Bedside lighting that saves up on space

Wall tiles bring geometric pattern to the bathroom

Large retractable skylight offers access to the roof garden

Fabulous rooftop garedn combines lovely views with greenery

Rooftop garden of the renovated NYC loft

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