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Function and Style Combine in Bend’s Wire Decor

Today’s post is dedicated to Los Angeles-based furniture and design studio Bend, which was founded in 2010 by sculptor, designer and entrepreneur Gaurav Nanda. Crafted from recyclable, sustainable resources, Bend products are as comfortable and easy to assemble as they are stylish. Thanks to a construction of hot-dipped galvanized iron, rust is prevented, and the items range from furniture and lighting to baskets and accessories. Below we’ll highlight a few new finds, as well as tried and true Bend products available in new colors…

Wire decor from Bend Goods
Wire furniture and decor from Bend

Pendant Lighting

There’s no doubt that pendant lighting can provide the perfect focal point to a room, and with Bend selections such as the Array Pendant Lighting shown below, metal geometry reigns!

Array Pendant Lighting from Bend Goods
Array Pendant Lighting from Bend

At the core of the pendant’s design is hot-dipped galvanized iron, and a powder-coated or metal-plated finish provides white, copper and aqua color options.

Array Pendant Lighting in white from Bend Goods
Array Pendant Lighting in white from Bend

If you’re on the hunt for something smaller, Bend’s Mini Pendants offer the same striking design as the larger selections, yet in a petite form. Available in copper or chrome, the Mini Pendant looks great as a single statement or as part of a cluster!

Mini Pendants from Bend Goods
Mini Pendants from Bend Goods


Bend is known for its modern seating, and with offerings such as The Captain Chair, it’s easy to see why. Bold angles and soft curves create sleek silhouettes, and overlapping metal lines result in a unique interplay of geo forms. Below we see The Captain Chair decked out in the Captain Pad and Bikini cushions, sold separately:

The Captain Chair from Bend Goods
The Captain Chair from Bend

Add the cusions for extra comfort, or go without to fully appreciate each line and angle. A sculptural item with a retro-meets-modern look, The Captain Chair is an instant conversation piece:

The Captain Chair in red from Bend Goods
The Captain Chair in red from Bend

Need a little lift? Perhaps your seating will give you easy access to a bar, counter or elevated table These Low Back Counter Stools make a big statement, even in the smallest of spaces.

Low Back Counter Stools from Bend Goods
Low Back Counter Stools from Bend


With the 18″ Bend Baskets and 22″ Bend Baskets, storage has never been so stylish! Choose from neon yellow, neon red, white and copper finishes, or mix and match them for a radiant arrangement.

Bend baskets in neon hues
Bend baskets in neon hues

Bend Baskets are inspired by the baskets utilized by small villages for the collection of crops. Use them to hold towels in the bathroom, books in a child’s room, or a range of small items in any room of the house! Then again, you can always leave them empty to show off their sleek construction:

Vivid Bend baskets provide storage and style
Vivid Bend baskets provide storage and style

With Bend Mini Baskets, organization and style can fit into even the smallest of spaces. Choose from copper, aqua and white, as shown below:

Mini Baskets from Bend
Mini Baskets from Bend

Wall Decor

If you’re searching for a unique way to embellish the wall, don’t overlook Bend’s metal trophy heads. Below we see Long Horn, a modernized version of the traditional animal head. Stylish with a sense of humor…

Long Horn from Bend Goods
Long Horn from Bend

We’ll end with Bend’s Wall Arrows, available in white, black, orange and copper. Handle the points with care, and enjoy arranging your arrows in a grouping to create a modern art installation in the room of your choice.

Wall Arrows from Bend Goods
Wall Arrows from Bend

If you like what you see, head on over to Bend for a full listing of products, complete with fetching photos. Happy shopping!

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