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Urbane Miami Home Brings Chic Sophistication to Coastal Style

Waking up to the sights and sounds of the majestic Atlantic Ocean just outside your bedroom sounds like a great way to start a morning indeed. Add to this a stunning patio that almost seems to hover on top of the ocean waves, and you have a dream home for those who love sun, sand and surf! This sophisticated and cheerful contemporary apartment located in Sunny Isles, Florida was designed by DKOR Interiors, and it offers a sensational getaway to the posh lifestyle, glitz and glamour of Miami. The interior of the residence combines a refined, contemporary appeal with the classic colors of coastal style to offer the best of both worlds.

Brilliant use of bronze accents in the contemporary living room

White is the dominant color in the living zone. Not only does it accentuate the theme used, it also ensures that the focus remains firmly on the view outside the window. The Atlantic becomes a vibrant backdrop for the living area, thanks to the use of glass windows, even as beautiful drapes and sheer curtains allow the homeowners to switch between privacy and unabated views. Subtle hints of rustic beauty are incorporated into every room, with natural wood and lovely artwork adding both color and texture. The bedroom gains from elegant pops of turquoise and gray, while hints of blue and orange enliven the nursery.

Modern Design Hope Suspension Pendant Lamp at the entry

Posh reading nook with a hint of rustic modern charm

Creative headboard design adds pattern to the trendy bedroom

Exquisite use of gray and turquoise in the coastal style bedroom

Bathroom with ocean views and standalone bathtub in white

Kids' nursery also embraces the cool coastal style

A lovely wrap-around porch contains the outdoor lounge and dining space that are the showstoppers of the home. An imaginative home office, a bathroom with an ocean view and sparkling chandeliers complete the refreshing, classy escape.

Coastal color scheme gives the dining space a refreshing, cool vibe

fabulous contemporary home office with brilliant lighting

Wallcovering brings golden glint and texture to the powder room

Dining area on the porch with ocean views

Carefully curated decor fill the porch overlooking the Atlantic

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