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Cheerful Modern Makeover Transforms Victorian House in London

It seems to be a season of renovations and extension projects, and today we’ve stumbled upon another beauty from London that gives an old, dark and congested home a sparkling new lease on life. Located on Milton Road, London, Lambeth is a gorgeous Victorian house that was in urgent need of a contemporary makeover. The homeowners wanted a light, breezy and modern interior where the kitchen becomes the focal point of the newly crafted social zone that promotes interaction among the family members. This was achieved with elegance and ease by Architecture for London, who added an ingenious extension to the rear of the house.

Classic Victorian home in London gets a modern extension

The creative addition not only increased the square footage of the home, but also connected the interior with the backyard through the wonderful use of glass doors. This helped create a visually larger space where the outdoors feels like a seamless extension of the kitchen and the dining area. Covered in stained cedar chevron panels, the extension tries to blend in with the timeless façade of the Victorian home while standing out as a smart, trendy structure. On the inside, large glass windows and skylights bring in ample ventilation, even as the extensive use of white and open shelving add to the airy ambiance.

Contemporary extension brings in ample natural light

Gorgeous modern social kitchen and dining space in white

Slidinig glass doors connect the kitchen with the backyard

Tiles in gray give the kitchen a simple, unique backdrop

Smart extension makes room for a larger, brighter kitchen

Small openings connect the interior with the outdoors visually

Natural wooden table and Eames chairs shape the small dining nook

The modified kitchen comes with a smart island in white, a cool dining nook and a relaxing family area that leads the way to the backyard. The transition between the old structure and the new is kept as organic as possible with a touch of vintage charm invading even the modern kitchen. Polished concrete floors and brilliant lighting complete what is a savvy, functional and aesthetically stunning makeover!

Dark pendant lights stand out thanks to the white kitchen backdrop

Black pendant light in the modern kitchen

Elegant extension combine the traditional with the modern

Bathroom with a claw-foot bathtub and a gallery wall

Stained cedar chevrons shape the exterior of the new addition

Chevron panels give the addition a touch of elegance

Lovely lighting lets the interior shine through after sunset

Victorian London home with a contemporary extension in cedra and glass

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