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Make a Tassel Garland out of Leftover Christmas Paper!

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas is behind us, we can focus on a whole other kind of decor that doesn’t involve any red and green at all! I’m talking about New Year’s Eve, of course! Do you decorate for NYE? Are you hosting a party, or perhaps staying in with family but want to have a little fun with it? Well then, this NYE garland might just be the craft for you, and the best part is that you can use leftover Christmas wrapping paper!

DIY tassel garland

To start, let’s look at all of the the materials – all things you’ll hopefully (like me) already have around your house!

Tissue paper, shiny tinsel wrapping paper, tape, scissors and twine.

metallic garland materials

You can either stick to just white tissue paper or use a few different styles, which is what I did. I wanted the garland to be cohesive and almost monochromatic, but sparkly, of course!

Reuse at its Glittering Best!

Here’s how to get started making the tassels. P.S. have you noticed I’m kind of obsessed with gold and tassels? Between the tassel gift wrap and the many metallic DIYs you have seen (like the herb pots or the canvas painting), you get that my love runs deep! Ok, so back to tassels… First you’ll need to cut your tissue paper to size, like so:

Making 9 tassels out of one sheet of tissue paper

Now you’re ready to make your first tassel. You only need one piece per tassel, so one sheet of tissue paper goes a long way!

How to make a tissue paper tassel

And that’s it! You’re all done! Make sure to leave a little hole at the top to feed your twine through later, and you’re all set!

close-up of top of tassel

Now, for the tinsel paper, you might find that just twisting doesn’t guarantee your tassel will stay put! I used a little clear tape to secure it, and you can’t even tell once the garland is finished – you’ll see.

tinsel tassel secured with tape

Stringing em’ Together

Once you have all of your tassels made (I made 15 in total – 3 each in 5 different colors), you can get started on feeding your twine through. You may need a needle or bobby pin for some of these, just to help you along. Once they’re fed through, tie a simple knot to secure each tassel in place.

making a garland with tassels

I left about 2 inches in between each tassel so that they have a bit of room to be seen. You can always do tighter, but I like the tassels a little wider and crazy – they’re not supposed to be neat!

close-up of finished tassel garland

I am in love with this project, you guys! The sparkle mixed with the matte and the soft look of the tissue paper is so great, and that gold speckled paper is just oh so good!

close up of garland on fireplace mantle

I put the garland on my faux fireplace mantel to add a little festive flair to the living room, and I’m not sure I want to remove it after NYE! It’s totally ok to keep this around a little longer, right?

Here’s a look at the living room with the tassel. It’s a subtle addition to the fireplace, but I think it makes a big impact on how the room feels and makes it a little more fun!

tassel garland on fireplace mantle

Where would you put a tassel garland like this? Above your bed? In a  child’s room? Over a mirror? It would look great just about anywhere, so go ahead, make one. And have fun with it!

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