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Sophisticated Contemporary Kitchens with Cutting-Edge Design

Shaping the kitchen of your dreams can indeed be a challenging task at times, simply because of the overwhelming number of available options. Yet despite the changing trends and latest innovations, it is safe to say that the timeless charm of Italian design is still simply unmatched. Giving this unique style a global appeal and contemporary finesse is Arrital, who leave you amazed with their stunning series of innovative kitchens dubbed AK_04. Designed by Franco Driusso, these remarkable kitchen compositions are truly versatile and bring along with them a wide range of finishes, textures and materials in a scintillating fashion.

Kitchen island that offers an extended dining table in wood

One of the most interesting features of the AK_04 Series is the use of PaperStone, a special product developed by the firm that is made out of recycled paper. Giving the kitchen additional green credentials is the wonderful use of oak, which creates a warm, elegant appeal. The beautiful blend of man-made and natural materials gives each of these kitchens a unique appeal of its own, while smart storage solutions, exquisitely designed cabinets, and sleek kitchen islands with extended dining tables and worktops ensure that you have a truly revolutionary kitchen space for your culinary experiments!

Exquisite modern kitchen design from Arrital

Fabulous kitchen benchtop provides textural contrast to the space

Kitchen island with an extended dining table in solid wood

Wonderful blend of natural and manmade elements inside the AK_04

Recycled paper composite materials used to shape the trendy kitchen

Cool contemporary kitchen with the warmth of wood

Let the contemporary kitchen blend in with the open floor living area

Obviously you can combine various individual elements offered in the AK_04 Series to shape a stylish kitchen that fits the specific floor plan of your home. Acting as a seamless extension of the living and dining areas, these ultra-modern compositions dazzle you with an array of exclusive finishes. Available through Retreat Design globally, AK_04 represents the next step in the evolution of kitchen design!

Stunning kitchen fireplace idea for the contemporary home

Smart dining area and kitchen composition in yellow and grey

Stylish shelves add to the appeal of the sensational kitchen

Wonderful use of yellow and grey in the contemporary kitchen

Sleek countertops and smart serving stations in the modern kitchen

Adaptable modern kitchen idea with sustainable style

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