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Sensational Minimalist Villa in Sweden with Private Beach & Sea views

We often see beach houses that steal the show with the amazing views they offer and their cool, laid-back ambiance. But this stunning villa in Särö, Sweden is definitely one of the coolest on the planet with its captivating minimalist style and creative interiors. Crafted by the renowned Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh, the astonishing VillAnn has a little private beach of its own and offers unabated views of the sea, which is only a stone’s throw away. While its location helps define its overall contours, the villa itself steals the show with a glass, concrete and wood structure that combines contemporary minimalism with a classic beach-inspired color palette.

Fabulous swedish villa with sea views

The lower level of the villa contains the living area that completely opens up towards the expansive deck space outside. Soft wood flooring becomes a cohesive element that visually connects this large deck area with the interior through the giant glass walls. A restaurant-style kitchen with unique wooden surfaces and tables, a dashing dining area and large wardrobes in wood complete this level of the villa. The top floor houses three grand bedrooms, along with opulent bathrooms and a dedicated home spa and sauna. Brushed concrete walls are used to usher in textural contrast, while captivating sea views greet you each morning.

Exposed concrete walls and glass doors create a minimalist environment

Fabulous living area opens up towards the beach and the sea

Plush chairs and rug next to the fireplace with a view of the sea

Plush tufted ottoman adds golden yellow to the living room

Stacked wood used as a decorative piece in the living space


Club chairs in black for the minimalist family area

Creative kitchen siland design with minimalist style in wood

Raw wooden textures and bold pendants create the minimalist kitchen

Sleek kitchen countertop for the contemporary home

Wide kitchen window with a view of the outdoors

Oversized pendants steal the show in teh dining room

A private garden with a paved walkway and natural stone formations is another unique feature of the villa that allows its owners to enjoy a quiet moment or two away from any prying eyes. On the other side is the 400-square-meter wooden deck with a black concrete infinity edge pool that leads the way to the small, private beach. Mesmerizing, serene and luxurious, this is definitely one of the best beach homes we have ever seen. And it could be yours for $2.7 million!

Giant potted plant in the corner adds color in a natural fashion

Innovative decor ideas for a minimalist beach house

White sheer curtains bring a touch of softness to the minimal bedroom

Pops of yellow brighten the sleek, minimalist beach villa in Sweden

View of the ocean from the bedroom

Elegant lounge chair with Scandinavian style

Concrete walls and vanity for the minimalist bathroom

Private walkway and garden of the villa

Large deck space overlooking the beach and the sea

Black concrete pool adds to the minimal style of the home

View from the beautiful beach villa in Sweden

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