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Classic 1920s Tudor House Gets a Fabulous Modern Revamp

Renovating a classic home with its own defined style and unique features can be quite a challenge at the best of times. The task becomes even trickier when you are trying to preserve this classic style while giving the interior a fresh, modern makeover. This beautiful house in an affluent neighborhood of Greenwich, Connecticut was originally built in the 1920s. With Tudor style being popular from 1890 to the early 1940s in the US, the house was built with distinct pitched gable roofs, embellished doorways and other intricate features that were inherent to the style. The owners of the residence wanted to keep this timeless appeal intact, despite ushering in a modern ambiance.

Custom coffee table and unique art work enliven the living room

This delicate task of combining the old and the new fell to Marks & Frantz Interior Design, who turned to their trademark style of combining innovative design solutions with a touch of whimsy to get the job done! One of the first major changes undertaken was to open up the walls in order to drive away any dullness and give the home a bright, cheerful atmosphere. Sensible choices in terms of furniture and accessories helped in providing a beautiful bridge between the classic and the contemporary. Even though that backdrop of each room is kept neutral, bright blues, lovely yellows and refreshing greens create a lively, elegant home.

Eclectic mixture of colors and textures in the living room

Gorgeous rug adds pattern and color to the living room

Simple and stylish family room with a cozy fireplace

Traditional living room with a modern rug

Blue console table and golden accents in the family room

Modern dining room with a vintage sideboard

Innovative backsplash for the modern kitchen

Lovely use of gold and black in the transitional bedroom

Eclectic spaces with a blend of vintage and modern pieces pleasantly surprise you at every turn. A spacious living area, family room, traditional kitchen and dining rooms make up the public spaces. Two old bathrooms were combined to give the master suite a more spacious and soothing master bathroom, and additional guest rooms, a nursery and a home office complete this revitalized residence.

Seat at the end of the bed brings luxury to the bedroom

Gorgeous closet with a feminine touch

Two tiny master bathrooms transformed into one luxurious bath

Amazing standalone bathtub steals the show

Wonderful use of table lamps to create symmetry in the bedroom

Four-poster, canopied crib in the revamped home

Fabulous home office in blue

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