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Idyllic Portland Home Blends Industrial and Mid-Century Styles

The charm of big city lights, high skyscrapers and the fast-paced life often wears off quickly and we tend to find ourselves longing for a quiet, private retreat that is closer to nature. Located in a secluded neighborhood of Portland, Oregon, this gorgeous family house belongs to the founder of Schoolhouse Electric, Brian Faherty. The idea behind the design of the house was to create a setting that encouraged interaction among the family members and steered them toward a more unassuming, relaxed lifestyle. From the outside, the house looks barely spectacular but surprises you with a fascinating blend of Mid-century and industrial styles on the inside.

Fabulous courtyard is accessible from every room of the house

Wood is the predominant material used in the shaping of the interior, with knotty wooden floors providing a sense of continuity from one room to the next. Subtle industrial touches such as the bar stools and the pendant lights in the kitchen, along with other accessories, give the home an edgy appeal. The living area, family room and the bedroom embrace a beautiful Mid-century flair with elegant pops of color, vintage decor and a design that adopts clean, straight lines. The U-shaped silhouette of the house creates a lovely outdoor courtyard, complete with a fireplace and lounging area, which extends the living space outside.

Entrane to the tranquil home with a mid-century modern vibe

Beautiful workspace in the living room that is hidden when not in use

Knotty oak flooring and wood panels give the interior plenty of warmth

Gorgeous kitchen with restrained industrial style

Brilliant lighting adds to the appeal of the kitchen

Round dining table idea with simple chair arrangement

Simple and elegant home office aclove in the family room

Warm and inviting at every turn, the house is filled with charming details that add to its exclusive aura and individual style. Wrapping modern comforts in a tranquil, laidback exterior, the home brings together the best of both worlds.

Firewood use as a decorative element in the house

Fireplace mantel decorating idea

Beautiful bedroom that is connected with the outdoors

Vintage chair in the corner shapes a cozy reading nook

Yellow lighting fixtures bring color into the bathroom

Mudroom design idea for the modern home

Stylish modern home in Portland with a serene ambiance

Lovely Portland house of Brian Faherty

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