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Modernism Meets Eclectic Beauty Inside Exclusive Vancouver Loft

The restored heritage building of ‘McMaster’ is the home to this gorgeous Yaletown boutique loft that combines distinct old world charm with a restrained use of modernism. Developed by Townline Homes and listed by Albrighton Real Estate, the beautiful loft takes its cue from several other restored Vancouver homes that pay a fitting tribute to their historic past. The interiors of the home seem bright and airy with extra high ceilings, while the use of a wide array of textures ensures that it has a cool, eclectic appeal. Spread across 1260 square feet, the exposed brick walls in each room present a unique backdrop while raw concrete surfaces and re-claimed timber beams bring in plenty of visual contrast.

Raw concrete and exposed brick walls give the loft an eclectic appeal

A simple yet stylish open plan living area welcomes you with the large dining space becoming the focal point of the setting. Beautiful pendant lights, an interesting collection of decor and accessories, cool neutral hues and large glass windows combine to give the home its inimitable ambiance. An ergonomic living area and a smart kitchen in the corner complete the space. Fir hardwood floors and marble details further accentuate the diverse textural brilliance of the home. The loft features two bedrooms and a bathroom, with the smaller bedroom being converted into a wine cellar.

Large windows bring in ample ventilation into the loft

Lovely use of pendant lights in the kitchen and dining space

Dining table adds a touch of rustuc charm to the loft

Contemporary decor combined with an eclectic living room backdrop

Gorgeous blend of diverse textures in the living area

Traditional kitchen design with  apot rack above the island

Priced at $1,089,000, this historic apartment has been turned into a trendy modern home without being overwhelmed by too many contemporary additions. Finding that elusive balance between the old and the new, this Vancouver home surely has a style of its own!

Re-claimed timber beams give the ceiling a unique look

Lavish bathroom with a calming color scheme

Small and stylish bathroom in white

Wine storage area inside the renovated Vancouver loft

A look at the modern entry of the beautiful loft

Street view of the heritage building in Vancouver

Floor plan of the stylish loft

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